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Managing Global Hospitality Issues, Hospitality Management

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Running Head: MANAGING GLOBAL HOSPITALITY ISSUES, HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENTManaging global hospitality issues, Hospitality management[Name of Writer][Name of Institution]Managing Global Hospitality Issues, Hospitality ManagementIntroductionIf we analyzed then we come to know that the Thistle Euston, adjacent to Euston station, is a modern, purpose-built hotel presenting guests pleasant lodging and good service. The hotel is situated inside easy reach of together the city and the shops and amusement of the West End.Having experienced the SARS, July 7th, 2005 terrorist attack, and the Bird Flu, which have slowed down the UK economy and had an adverse effect on the hotel industry, there are now clear signs of recovery. This report will first examine the UK based Thistle Euston hotel market, discuss the main industry players and show the relative significance of key issues. Moreover, it will discover the UK consumer trends, present the variety of backgrounds of investors and give a future outlook along with a forecast which has been urbanized to illustrate the industry and the factors moving its growth and future. In conclusion, it will comment on short-term and long-term investment as well as recommending an outcome for the investor.The Thistle Hotel Euston in UKCurrent SituationA Thistle Euston hotel, according to the EU, is defined as 'a communal accommodation enterprise, typified as being prearranged in rooms exceeding a countrywide specified minimum and as providing ordinary services, counting room service'. Usually, the UK definition is made according to the investment of a license to sell liquor. (Lawson, 1998)According to the newest beginning figures from the Hotel Thistle Euston Survey by Deloitte, the UK hotel industry has established to be the strongest entertainer in Europe in the first six months of 2004, by means of revenue per obtainable room (revPAR) rising 11 percent against the similar period in 2003, resulting from a balanced mix of rising occupancies and standard room rates. London, which is the most important performer in the UK, knowledgeable a 6% augment in standard room rate year on year (ACAS 2002).The key playersThe UK hotel industry has several braches of Thistle Euston which is made up of numerous key players, including:Boutique HotelsMid-range HotelsBudget HotelsBed and Breakfast"Boutique Hotel" distinguishes itself from better chain or recognized hotels by providing an outstanding and personalized level lodging, services and facilities.Mid-range Hotel is a average room with additional facilities, usually confidential with 3 or 4 stars.Budget Hotel is on the entire purpose-built, identified lodging unit by a smallest of 50 rooms and standard low prices. Personage units are frequently identified as lodges, inns or - less usually now - motels.Bed and Breakfast is a private house; several rooms of which are set aside for overnight guests whose paid lodging comprise breakfast. (The American...

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