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Managing Human Resources At A Nursing Home

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In the essay I will be explaining the important processes in human resources. Within human resources there are many factors to be considered when planning recruitment within health and social care. As a trainee HR officer at St Jude's nursing home the factors to be considered when planning are; corporate objectives, financial strategies, and economic changes.

Corporate objectives for example this company wants to deliver good quality services to their clients, however there are certain issues within the company that are not allowing this to happen. There is a long list of issues within the company, and these include; low pay, long hours, not enough benefits, poor working conditions, and also recruiting staff based on favoritism. All of these issues have can have a major effect on employees and how motivated they are whist at work. The worst issue that they have at the nursing home is that the management team portray a negative atmosphere for the employees. Therefore as the new HR officer, these are one the first problems that will be tackled, in order to fully fulfill the company’s corporate objectives.

The financial side of things is also something that needs to be considered, when planning recruitment within any firm. Training should also be taken into consideration as takes a substantial amount of money within a budget set for recruitment. Due to complaints about the standard of care given, and the inadequate knowledge of some employees, one would think that this would be very beneficial for the employees. Timing is also important as employees who are seen as unable to do their jobs well enough should, and will be replaced. And this is where more money is to be invested for publishing job positions once they are identified, and then going through the interview process.

Economic changes the recession of 2009/10 have placed great pressure on HR departments to reduce staff costs and improve productivity. For many businesses, this meant that letting go of employees, was one of their top priorities. Therefore HR would have had to carry out their task as quickly as possible, with most efficiency, as the business at the time were in need of their best employees, as they were the ones who could bring up the sales. If HR were to just look at the employee’s qualifications, and base their decisions on that, it would have a great effect on the business, as their best employees may have not had the best of qualifications.


The recruitment and selection process’s procedures and policies at St Jude’s nursing home can be altered in order to appeal to a wider range of legal context, by conforming to the UK laws and regulations. One would believe that the current staff turnover problem is actually being caused by the policies for recruitment and selection.

Employment Rights Act (1996) states that all employers should write up all information in regards to the terms and conditions of the job, and that they should be easily...

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