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PSYCHOMETRICSCONTENTSCONTENTS 1H.R.M. PRACTICES 2DEFINITION OF TERMS 4RECRUITMENT: 4SELECTION: 4WHAT IS PSYCHOMETRICS? 6HISTORY OF PSYCHOMETRICS 7THINGS TO CONSIDER ABOUT PSYCHOMETRICS 8WHEN IS A TEST RELIABLE? 9WHEN IS A TEST VALID? 10CATEGORIES OF TESTS 10PERSONALITY TESTING 10ABILITY TESTING 10APTITUDE TESTING 11CONSIDERATIONS 12CONCLUSIONS 15REFERENCES 17FURTHER READING - BIBLIOGRAPHY 19H.R.M. PracticesThere appears to be no single definition of the term human resource management that is accepted by both people management practitioners and the academic community. HRM is used in two ways, the one is used generically to describe the body of management activities and the other is equally widely used to denote a particular approach to the management of people that is clearly distinct from 'personnel management'. It suggests a distinctive philosophy towards people-oriented organisational activities (Torrington,Hall,Taylor, 2002).Strategy researchers suggest that achieving competitive advantage, something that all companies are striving for, depends upon the firm's ability to utilise existing knowledge and its ability to generate new knowledge more efficiently and effectively relative to competitors (Mahoney, 1995; Penrose, 1959; Prahalad & Hamel, 1990; Nonaka, 1994). Human resource practices can contribute to the mobilisation and utilisation of knowledge in a number of ways (e.g. Lado & Wilson, 1994). The human resource practice that we are going to study here is the recruitment and selection of employees, and specifically through the use of psychometrics.As argued by Cable and Turban (2001), the current shortage of talent in the labour market has led to a strong competition for the best and the brightest people. They also observed that recruitment is only the beginning of the employment relationship, and thus the quality of people it yields for selection will affect the success of later HRM practices. Thus, the ability of HRM practices to positively impact organisational effectiveness is rooted in the effectiveness of recruitment practices. Therefore, any HRM practices that can enhance an organisation's capacity to obtain and retain top talent will strengthen the relationship between HRM practices and organisational effectiveness.Definition of termsThis assignment examines the validity and reliability of the psychometrics used during the selection and recruitment in a company. First we will determine the definition of the terms:Recruitment:"Searching for candidates and attracting them -whether external or internal - in order to fill job vacancies".New people are found and brought into the organisation. This involves communicating with actual or potential job seekers, motivating them to apply and persuading candidates that they really want to come and work for the firm. The objectives are to attract candidates of the right quality in the right number.Selection:''The process by which an organization chooses from a set of recruits...

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568 words - 2 pages effective employees HR managers improve the performance of the company. The value of the Human Resource management is immense and cannot be expressed solely in monetary value. HRM has moved from being an auxiliary function to that of adding to the organization profits by managing its most important asset: people.References:Mathis, R. L., & Jackson, J. H. (2003), Human Resource Management (11th edition), Thompson/Southwestern.

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3822 words - 15 pages considered "commodities", but "assets" of the company.Performance measurement is primarily managing outcome, and one of its main purposes is to reduce or eliminate overall variation in the work product or process. The goal is to arrive at sound decisions about actions affecting the product or process and its output. (Mullins,1999)Thus this project was taken up specifically to stress the need of planning, developing and implementing a performance

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