Managing Human Resources Essay

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Managing Human Resources


John Jones and Smith (JJS) is a market research company in Dartford,
Kent. Establish in 2000 they are one Britain’s fastest growing market
research agencies. Using the most sophisticated analysis techniques
the service they provide is both quantitative and qualitative enabling
JJS to answer the why and how of an issue and not just the what, where
and when. In order for their clients to receive the greatest benefits
from their services value is added to the result with interpretation,
recommendations, and advice.

JJS started with three directors Mary John, Sally Jones and Mark
Smith, two Research mangers and a hand full of market research
interviews. (See appendix figure 1 for JJS organisational Hierarchy)
The company have now grown with even more research managers and over
50 interviewers in order to meet the demand of the growing number of
clients. JJS clients include the Yell Group, who is one of JJS’s main
clients, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

In this assignment I will be discussing the influence and Impact HRM
has of JJS. The different approaches there are to HRM and then examine
JJS’s approach. Then concluding with how JJS’s HRM approach affects
their clients as well as the organisation as a whole.

Approaches to HRM

There are many approaches to HRM with many theorist and research each
given us their interpretation of the perfect HRM model or
descriptions. An organisation can choose to adopt the model that
reflects or best fits the company’s objectives and culture. With every
different model there is also as many ways of classifying them. For
example Legge (1995) devised a four way Classification, breaking the
models down into four categorises:

* Normative

* Descriptive-functional

* Descriptive-behavioural

* Critical evaluative

Or one may choose to follow Storey’s (1994) breaks it down into three

* Conceptual

* Descriptive

* Prescriptive

However both classification and others have been challenged, as they
do not offer precise definitions of these classifications. According
to Price (2005) pg38 there are “two sources of confusion (a) confusion
over the different types of classification” for example it seems there
is a contradiction between Storey’s ‘Prescriptive’ and Legge's
‘Normative’, what is the difference? “(b) Lack of clear definition for
each classification” As the definitions is not clear some models are
not able to classify. Take the Harvard model (1984) (see appendix
figure 2) for example although it emphasises employees as resources,
it does stress humans cannot be manage in the same way as other
company resources. Therefore contesting the above classification as it
can be viewed as ‘critical evaluative’ or...

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