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Running Head: MANAGING INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIORBuilding Partnership with Edward JonesFor seven (7) consecutive years, Edward Jones & Co. consistently is included at the top twenty (20) of Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For in America." Recently it is ranked sixteenth (16th) overall, succeeding to HomeBanc Mortgage (14th), and Whole Foods Market (15th) (, 2006). And when asked how the company maintains its performance through time, Edward Jones' Senior Partner John Bachman explained, "We organized our firm like symphony. We have leaders in the symphony, and the leaders select the music and set the tempo. Each member of the orchestra is playing a solo… because they each have a part to play. The symphony is not complete without each member making a contribution (, 2002)." Undoubtedly, Edward Jones philosophy emphasizes the development of its participants. Nevertheless, to visualize how grandeur Edward Jones "symphony" is, it is prudent enough to discuss first the details of the company - from its core principles, the recruitment and training of its investment representatives, up to its committed services to its clients."Making Sense of Investing" on the Wealth of the ClientsEdward Jones serves individual clients with long-term investment strategies. As publicized in their website (, 2007), their core principles fundamentally include the following:Focus on long-term investors,Commit on the long-term philosophy that emphasizes quality and diversification, andBuild relationships with the clients by personal interaction.At Edwards Jones, approaches to investment are conventional. They deviate from fashionable trading trends, like online trading, merely because they believe that long-term investment is still the finest way to achieve financial growth and stability. Moreover, they provide quality investments by means of selecting secured companies to invest with. They typically would opted for companies that have solid record tracks along with a minimum of ten (10) years operating history rather than the "hottest" stock offered in the market (, 2007).Aside from that, Edward Jones representatives cater the needs of the firm's clients by one-on-one services. They significantly consider each client's financial security and by then build strong and lasting personal relationship with their investors. It was certainly like working in one community. By taking into account the state of the community and its resident, thus the company may reciprocally be able to understand their needs. In accordance with this, they conveniently located their offices at the different local community-based spaces. They prefer those locations so that they are physically accessible to their clients, especially during their business meetings (, 2007).Investing "With" UsTo date, Edward Jones approximately has nine thousand, eight hundred (9,800)...

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