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Managing Organizational Diversity Essay

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Because of globalization, there is need for improved relations among people of diverse beliefs, backgrounds as well as cultures. In the modern world, individuals no longer work and live in a confined marketplace: they have become part of the emerging world economies with competition from every corner of the continent. Therefore, it is important for non-profit and profit organizations to not only become open to change but also be creative.
According to Kouzes & Barry (2002) “management of diversity has gained popularity in the recent years and despite its distinct contexts, it is gaining more attention as a result of demographic development, mobility of national and global workforce, ...view middle of the document...

Hence, in regard to the aforementioned, human resource management is perceived as central in the organization due to the fact that it has the capacity to not only promote diversity management but also integrate it with its various activities (Boxall & Purcell, 2011).
According to Kouzes & Barry (2002), managers encounter a number of challenges in managing diversity within the organization. This is because the process of managing diversity does not only require acknowledging the differences between employees but also combating discrimination, promoting inclusiveness, and recognizing the benefits of differences. On the other hand, Devoe (1999) in his study points out that human resource managers are likely to be challenged with losses in work and personnel productivity as a result of discrimination, prejudice as well as legal actions and complaints against the organization (Loysk, 1996).
Lastly, negative attitudes and behaviors can be challenging to organizational diversity due to the fact that they can not only damage work productivity and morale, but also harm the working relationship. As explained by Cox (2001) “negative attitudes and behavior within the organization such as discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping factors should not be applied by human resource managers for retention, termination or hiring”.
Consequently, in the modern world, the aspect of teamwork is increasingly encouraged as it can make people work better with an aim of profiting the organization. Therefore, managers should ensure that they harness the differences between team and people. This is because diversity within the organization result into development of competencies if properly managed and as a result contributes towards a decrease in internal conflicts. Kouzes & Barry (2002) in their study points out those human resource managers can successfully manage diversity by promoting better interpersonal relationship between the management and the employees. Additionally, there should be increased innovation and creativity among the employees. Essentially, human resource managers should effectively manage recruitment and ensure retaining of workers. Lastly, the management should ensure that the employees’ performance is improved with an aim of satisfying all the stakeholders...

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