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Managing Symptoms Of Anxiety Essay

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Anxiety is uncomfortable and extremely difficult to manage. The symptoms one experiences while suffering an anxiety attack are very real, as well as, extremely scary for the person experiencing the attack. The symptoms often mimic those experienced during a heart attack, for instance: extreme sweating, blood pressure and heart rate go sky high, nausea and headache. Add these physical symptoms to the psychological symptoms and the individual's anxiety attack is in full swing.

It is imperative for the individual to realize they can take control of their anxiety. When experiencing an anxiety attack it is difficult to comprehend anything other than the symptoms, however, it is important to process what you are experiencing is not a life threatening situation and you will come through it.

Your thought processes are the initial problem to be addressed. Learning to control your emotions will take time and practice, however, it is an achievable goal. At the first onset of an anxiety attack, you need to talk yourself through it, convince yourself you are safe and what you are currently feeling is not going make you die. The more positive thoughts you tell yourself, the more positive you will begin to feel. It is the negative thoughts creating the fear; therefore, it is important to reinforce the positive.

Learn deep breathing techniques, as these are amazing tools for managing your anxiety. There a variety of different techniques, so you may have to try a few before you find the best for you....

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