Managing Pollution Efforts: How To Turn Pollution Into Profits. This Essays Illustrates The Effects Of Pollution On Businesses. How Pollutiion Can Increase The Profits Of A Company

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The article, "Managing Pollution Efforts: How to Turn Pollution Efforts into Profits" written by D. Keith Denton, focuses on the companies that consider pollution as a cost rather instead of a competitive advantage against its competitors. The article concentrates on major issues such as consumer commitment, pollution control, life cycle costing, waste reduction and energy efficiency.The article suggests that companies conducting businesses will have to adapt different manufacturing procedures because people are aware of environmentally friendly products. People are willing to pay higher prices for greener ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, through life cycle costing, companies are able to track the product and determine procedures to prevent or eliminate pollution. Also, simplify or change product process in order to reduce environmental cost and increase organization efficiency and profits. In addition, companies spend billion's of dollars fulfilling environmental regulations set by the government. However, if organizations adapt eco-friendly products, it will reducepollution and cost. Finally, companies will have large savings by reducing extra energy costs by adapting energy efficient methods.Through this article, D. Keith Denton tried to illustrate how environmental friendly and efficient products will increase the profits and decrease pollution costs for organizations. The emphasis on green operations or manufacturing research has been increasing in our society due to escalating rates of pollution in our environment. Pollution is a raising concern because it has been degrading our environmental standards and growing health issues.In D. Keith Denton's research, survey questionnaire regarding organizations practices was mailed to advocates of green marketing and manufactures. The evidence gained from this study suggested that company officials felt that pollution control wasn't relevant to their organization. Therefore, conclusions drawn are that companies should adapt green manufacturing and operations; which will increase efficiency and reduce pollution costs.

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