Managing Short Term & Long Term Financial Resources

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TABLE OF CONTENTEXECUTIVE SUMMARY41.0 INTRODUCTION52.0 COMPANY BACKGROUND63.0 DEFINATION OF TERMS64.0 SHORT TERM FINANCIAL RESOURCES75.0 LONG TERM FINANCIAL RESOURCES86.0 METHOD OF MANAGING SHORT TERM FINANCIAL RESOURCES106.1 Credits by Suppliers106.2 Credit Control Policy116.3 Inventory Management Policy127.0 METHOD OF MANAGING LONG TERM FINANCIAL RESOURCES137.1 Leasing137.2 Treasury Department149.0 REFERENCES1710.0 APPENDIX18EXECUTIVE SUMMARYEvery company wants to position themselves strategically to compete in the market. Before they can do that, they have to look into their financial resources & background in order to plan their strategy accordingly.They have to identify where are their financial resources, how much the total operation of the company need, how much do they have. Once they have identified those above, their follow task is how to utilize the fund or capital available to generate maximum returns to the company. They need to find ways to accelerate the inflow of fund while not to allow fund outflow too early until it is due. At the same time do not frozen the cash on hand with making any profits or return.All companies include my company have 2 different types of financial resources, the long-term & the short term.We managed our short-term financial resources such as supplier credit, credit control policy & inventory control policy. Supplier Credit will slow down the outflow of company fund too early by obtaining credit term from suppliers.Credit Control Policy will minimize the risk of bad debts & payment delinquencies from customers at the same time accelerate the payment from customers.Inventory control policy will help to assure our resources & company capital not to be frozen up in the warehouse as dead or slow moving stock. On the other hand, utilizing Stock Rotation Program to defrost the idle stock by exchanging for new & different stock to sell.Long Term Financial Resources require my full attention to avoid too much capital stuck at high cost assets that having high depreciation rates. By using Leasing Term to acquire the usage of equipment such as Copier machines & Electronics Microscope is our present practice. Leasing with purchase option also is one type of leasing term we are using.Treasury Department is the important method we practice to manage long-term financial resources. Their task of monitoring & reviewing Credit Control Policy is to minimize the risk of financial management. They are responsible for the customers' credit term application, & yearly review of customers' payment performance. Their daily task of cash management & monitoring & analyzing cash balance is to help ease the cash flow of our company. They are accountable for long-term investment review such as our contracted bulk purchase deal with key suppliers.These methods help the operation to run smoothly without a hitch & maximizing company profits.1.0 INTRODUCTIONFinancial Resources can define as...

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