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Step 1I would choose "Managing stress and time" to be the topic of this assignment since this is the most frequently happening problem in my current working life. In the checklist of stress symptoms on P.126, my score is 32 that signify I am in the "panicked" stress state. And in the self-assessment exercise on P.120, I am scoring 21 points, which means, "I need to find a more effective way to manage my stress."Stress is defined as the body's psychological, emotional, and physiological response to any demand that is perceived as threatening to a person's well being. Some stress is actually good for people and good for organizations. The key is to manage appropriate stress levels such that ...view middle of the document...

Step 2Being an executive in a garment manufacturing company, I always feel overwhelmed with the amount of heavy workload.I am currently handling four overseas customers. Each of them has development for four seasons annually. My works include quoting price, product development, arranging sample making, product presentation until the samples are approved to start production; I can pass all necessary details to my colleagues in the China factory for production. Throughout the production stages, I will need to travel to China occasionally to work with my colleagues to solve any problem they encounter and to make sure that the garments can be shipped punctually.In spite of the above mentioned normal job duties, I am required to join a companies' group activities - the TQM tea. The team mainly aims to overcome the problems we encounter in our working environment And unluckily I was elected to be the team leader of the WIT team, leading a team comprises of 2 senior executives, an assistant manager and a section manager. What a pity!With the joining of these 2 teams, I find I am going home much later than before as I need to share out almost half of my working hours for regular meetings, investigation and working out solutions. The work never seems to end. I start to lose my patient and temper when things are not going smoothly. Every night, I am going home with an exhausted and tired body. And every morning, I am going work with a still tired body and sense of reluctance.Step 3As revealed in the self-assessment exercise, I am obviously under stress and need to cope with it.1.Identifies stressorsOrganizational stressors like time pressures and work overload are the stressors that happen on me. Being the leader of the TQM team makes me feeling carry weighty responsibilities that is over my ability that can empower. Especially I am leading a team of people comprises of mostly senior staffs, it makes me having a sense of inferiority and I don't have confidence in managing them. Thus, setting a balance for the normal job duties and the team project is not an easy task; I always have difficulty in assigning priorities.Personal stressors such as family problems, financial problems and health problems are not the stressors affecting me. However, in the Type A Personality Self-assessment, I find I am having type A personality. According to Patricia Buhler in Alpha Teach Yourself Management Skills in 24 hours, type A individuals display a sense of urgency, a focus on achievements, insecurity about status, and are competitive, impatient, work-oriented and driven.Environmental stressors like economic uncertainty is also one of my stressors. My company have spent around HK$10m to implement an ERP system in the group last year which we can foresee a future layoff is inevitable. In view of the existing poor economic conditions in H.K., it really causes anxiety and generates fear in myself regarding the job insecurity2. Develop Stress resiliencyEnhancing personality...

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