Managing The Total Marketing Effort Essay

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Spider-man Spins a Promotional Web on the WebThe movie Spider-man has hit new box office highs as it has taken the movie industry by storm with its May 2002 introduction. In addition to smashing records, the movie also pioneers a new first, as it used its Web site as a promotional tool to hype the movie over a year in advance of the movie debut. Quite intentionally, the launch of the Web site marks the 38th anniversary of Spiderman's first appearance in his own comic book. This exercise will give you a chance to explore this ground breaking Web site with a cinematic feel. With the use of exceptional web technology, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment will allow you to experience the Spider-man movie, to some degree even if you haven't seen it in the theaters. You will visit the official Spider-man movieWeb site to explore the vast multimedia and merchandising marketing strategy that is built around this movie.As you explore these sites, answer the questions below.Click on Spider-man1. As you review the homepage's introduction in its entirety, what media does Sony utilize to involve the Web viewer and generate interest in the movie? How effective would you say is this promotional effort? State reasons for your opinion.Next, click at the bottom on the menu item "Promotions and More."2. What elements of Sony's promotional mix for the movie can be seen at this page? Explore the different elements. How effective do you think their promotional strategy is, given what you have seen?Then, at the top of the screen, click on the...

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3027 words - 12 pages and non-traditional courses may have failed to be developed based on a purely customer satisfaction response or feedback.2) The achievement of the customer satisfaction requires an integrated effort. The responsibility for the implementation of the concept lies not just within the marketing department. The belief that customer needs are central to the operation of a company should run right through production, finance, research and development and

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2650 words - 11 pages directing a total system of marketing action to achieve predetermined objectives. The systems approach is essential for effective decision making, for the utilization of models in marketing, and for the application of computer technology. Systems analysis is a managerial breakthrough, somewhat akin to breakthroughs in various sciences, and has given rise to powerful concepts and tools of analysis. The systems approach is based on the work of Von

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2481 words - 10 pages relationships is strongly supported by this example.In the application of relationship marketing to service business there are four basic steps that a firm should practice to be successful:-.(i) Identify consumersMarketers must know their consumers. It is vital to learn which are the heavy, medium, light and non-users of the products. When firms identify consumers who will never purchase their products at all, they can stop spending money and effort


592 words - 2 pages No organization will be able to survive, if it fails to market what it wants to. In India a saying goes like this -' Bolne wale ki basi bhi bik jati hai, na bolne wale ki taja bhi nahi bikati' (those who make marketing efforts are able to find customers even for rotten ones and those who remain silent in their marketing effort are not able to find customers for the fresh ones).This shows how important marketing is. Gone are the days of sellers


592 words - 2 pages No organization will be able to survive, if it fails to market what it wants to. In India a saying goes like this -' Bolne wale ki basi bhi bik jati hai, na bolne wale ki taja bhi nahi bikati' (those who make marketing efforts are able to find customers even for rotten ones and those who remain silent in their marketing effort are not able to find customers for the fresh ones).This shows how important marketing is. Gone are the days of sellers

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1167 words - 5 pages focus is given on making the sale, “the marketing process ends when the sale has occurred, the sale is the objective and the end result of the marketing effort.” (Brendt, Brink, 2009). Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy from direct marketing campaigns rather then focus on one sales transaction. This encourages attracting customers, who shall return for repeat business consistently and remain loyal, that in the long term is a cost

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3276 words - 13 pages concrete evidences Design of total service package not possible Comparative presentation is not possible Making the service process tangible to the maximum possible extent Managing and promoting word-of-mouth communication Strengthening internal and external marketing Use of relationship marketing Inseparability Problems of market expansion Maintenance of service quality Compulsory presence of consumer Limited production capacity Operation at

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728 words - 3 pages they will receive a benefit if they purchase the product offered. Marketing is satisfying the customers. Marketing is about understanding a market and filling need. Marketing is selling products at a price that provides profit.ExamplesFor a consumer, the evidence of a successful marketing effort can usually be seen on television. An ongoing example is Apple's "Get a Mac" advertising, first begun in March of 2006. Apple's marketing may have started

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1540 words - 6 pages survey results do not have relative value to the marketing research needed to assess the growth of the catering service. The questions posed to the customer were geared more toward the experience of shopping at one of Kudler’s stores. The target market for the catering service are those included in the “customer managed relationships” (Wind, 2008, p. 24). Along with managing the relationship the company has with the customer, Kudler needs to allow

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937 words - 4 pages Innovation Management and Marketing in Global Enterprises by Ersun and Karabulut (2013) is an article that presents varying positions of several writers on the importance of establishing innovative strategies in developing and managing new product and markets in the global business communities. The concept of innovation in this article is defined in terms of products, processes, marketing and management practices. The product of innovative

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923 words - 4 pages . Wholesaling, retailing, transportation and storage play a part in the distribution of most goods and services.While the marketing manager is developing the right product, place and promotion, he must also decide on the right price, one which will make his total marketing mix attractive. In setting the price, he must consider the nature of competition in his target market as well as the existing practices on markups, discounts and terns of sale. In

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1097 words - 4 pages is the process of making a product or service appealing to customers or potential customers for the success of an organization. Many processes of marketing can involve promoting, researching, selling, and distributing an organizations products and services. Three basic ideas are included in the definition of the marketing concept: customer satisfaction, a total company effort, and profit, not just sales, as an objective (Perreault et al, 2004, pg

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6836 words - 27 pages -1970Period of Differentiation. As marketing thought became expanded, new concepts took on substantial identity as significant components of the total structure of thought. Among them were such elements as managerialism, holism, environmentalism, systems, and internationalism.1970Period of Socialization. Social issues and marketing became much more important, as the influence not of society upon marketing, but of marketing upon society became a focus

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1894 words - 8 pages the entire system. IV. THE MARKETING PROCESS The strategic plan defines the company’s overall mission objectives. Marketing’s role and activities which summarizes the entire marketing process and the forces influencing company marketing strategy. Marketing process: the process of (1) analyzing marketing opportunities, (2) selecting target markets, (3) developing the marketing mix and, (4) managing the marketing effort. A. Relationships with

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5538 words - 22 pages and to improve its quality, companies have to take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern information technology (IT) and information systems (IS). Managing marketing information by means of IT has become one of the most vital elements of effective marketing. By collecting and sharing marketing information and by using it to promote corporate and brand image, IS offer new ways of improving the internal efficiency of the firm. IS allow