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Manchester United Plane Crash In 1958

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Manchester United Plane Crash in 1958 Introduction:

My talk is about the Manchester United Plane Crash in 1958 and about
the people who died on the plane.

Before the Crash:

In the early 50’s, Manchester United built itself up under the
watchful eye of Sir Matt Busby mainly through a successful youth
training policy. The younger players in the squad easily made the
tough change to senior football. When United won the Championship in
the 1955/56 season, the average age of the squad was 22. Throughout
that season, and the next, journalists were labelling United as

In the 57/58 season, United became the first English Team to enter
into the new European Cup. They easily dealt with Shamrock Rovers and
Dukla Prague in the early rounds. All the players were in impressive
form. United had just beaten Arsenal in a 5-3 classic in what turned
out to be United’s last domestic game before the crash. 65,000
watched that particular game at Highbury.

Back to the European Cup and the home leg against Red Star was fairly
uneventful. United managed to edge out their promising opponents to
win 2-1.

The Match before the Crash:

The crash came after they’re European Cup Quarter-Final match in
Munich. It was a Thursday, the 5th of February 1958, and United had
just managed a 3 all draw against Red Star in the 2nd leg to qualify
for the next round 5-4 on aggregate. Bobby Charlton scored a hatrick
in that game and his goals secured a semi-final match against AC

The Crash:

The sky was grey, the runway a mass of snow and icy slush which was a
result of four hours heavy snowfall. The weather was particularly bad
all over Europe but at last a break in the bad weather came. The
Captain decided conditions were good enough for take-off so a total of
43 passengers, including players, club officials, journalists and
plane staff boarded the plane just after 3pm for the 3rd attempted
take-off for England. The plane was a twin-engined airliner that had
not been involved in any previous crashes. As the plane hit the
runway, just before it became airborne, it caught part of the
airport’s steel perimeter fence, which dragged it slightly
off-course. The plain then veered off to the left, across a main road
and head first into a detached house at 70mph. The right wing flew
off and landed 250 metres away in a field.

The spare fuel tank with gallons of petrol inside hit a...

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