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Throughout America the high school graduation rate is on the rise. This is great but are students actually learning what is important or are they slipping by. According to Daniel Kortez, a Harvard Professor, this might be the case. That is why we need to mandate a graduation test in North Dakota. What is the purpose of having the next generation graduate from high school but not have adequate knowledge to continue into the real world and in further education? The North Dakota Department of Public Instructions needs to mandate a standardized test which students must pass to demonstrate whether students are prepared for the real world, provide accurate comparison between sub groups, and show ...view middle of the document...

If the Department of Public Instruction were to implement this graduation test, teachers and other faculty would be able to look at the sub groups much more easily. According to, sub groups can provide the school with data about ethnicity, special needs and socioeconomic status (Standardized). This provides schools with data about how to better enhance their students’ education and create programs that would be useful to students. Similarly, this graduation final will also give a superb evaluation of the current courses.

The final reason that we need to commision a graduation test is to make sure that the schools and curriculum are properly teaching students.When I was in fifth grade I learned very little. At the time I thought that it was pretty cool but the following year my grammar skill were insufficient. That is why we need to mandate a graduation test. It would show if the students are accurately learning in the curriculum. Daniel Kortez a Harvard professor agrees. He thinks that graduation tests give us an accurate way of finding out what students actually know (Usable). Standardized tests also hold schools and faculty accountable for students knowledge. The scores of these types of test become public after a certain time. This would then show the public if the current curriculum is up to the task of effectively teaching students. This can lead to the loss of a job and maybe even the take over of a school to make sure that the students are learning properly (Standardized). People who oppose the graduation test would say that teachers would then teach to the test. To prevent this the school district could change the test every year so that teachers will have to teach the curriculum accurately without cutting corners.

People who disapprove of this graduation test will say things like it would evaluate the students on...

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