Mandatory Classes For Children Of Divorce

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A 7-year-old little girl was watching cartoons in living with her little brother while their parents showered. Her 6-year-old brother walked into the kitchen and shortly after his sister heard him making peculiar sounds. After going to check on him she discovered that he had taken his own life by removing his belt and hanging him from the very same refrigerator they once grabbed snacks from. Rushing from the shower his mother and stepfather arrived to admit C.P.R but it was too late. After further research and investigation into why this child would go as far as to commit suicide, results from the parents, school officials and friends showed one thing that could have pushed him to this extreme – his parents divorce. The are only three other cases in the last few years as devastating as this story but there are many other situations that show if divorces are handled more properly especially when children are involved it will help to keep children safe physically and mentally. For adults the divorce process is strenuous and stressful and when children are involved there is a greater chance physiological effects on children no matter the age such as depression, blame and guilt and anger or hostility. (Sandler, 1994, p. 1744)
As tragic as this story maybe there are similar stories where children often suffer at the hands of the parents divorce. As parents, during a divorce the mental effect this will have on children needs to be taken into account just as well as the reasons behind the divorce. Proper steps such as classes or counseling should be mandatory during divorce proceedings to ensure children understand and cope with situation.
The purpose of this proposal of children in divorce is to show the effect that divorce places on the mental state of children and show cause that as a part of divorce the implementation of counseling to help protect children and their rights during their parents divorce proceedings. As I am not a psychologist, I am the product of a divorced family and experienced my own personal problems stemming from my parents divorce. Therefore I will be citing from several credible sources to show my reasons with test finding and results on this subject. Using the findings of will show proof and hopefully persuade you to see the importance of this counseling.
It is seen in youth, teens and even adults how a divorce of parents can play a part on the mental stability of a person. Although on the surface, no one will admit the signs shown originate because of a divorce. Although, when you dig in you will begin to see that it is more there that is being said because of the fear of losing a parent or the feeling of picking sides. As parents, lawyers and doctors we all play a part in making sure the well being of the children is to be at the forefront especially in decisions such as divorce and seeing the signs of a problem. Mandatory parent/children class should be implemented instead of just the legal proceedings between parents...

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