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The military laws are different then civilian laws. They apply for people who are in the Army, Navy, Air force, or Marines. It differs from civilian laws which are for civilians which tries to keep everything calm and peaceful and military law strives to promote order, morale, and discipline. (Brannon Jr. 1 of 5).
In the military a person charged with misconduct often faces a proceeding called a court martial. Resembles a criminal trial. Commanding officers had great power to handle courts-martial they could convene a court select its members and review the court’s decision with authority to disapprove the sentence and send the case back the UCMJ allows the ...view middle of the document...

A country that did not support a War. (Benson, Brannon. Jr. Valentine 1 of 3)
During the Civil War neither the Confederacy nor the Union had trouble finding volunteers to fill the ranks. The Combined pull of “the cause”. The lure of excitement was more than enough to entice young men to march off to war. In 1861 politicians were most concerned about finding places and uniforms for all the men who wanted a taste of War. (Volunteers and conscription 1 of 4)
As the War dragged on into its third and fourth year, men at home began hearing shocking stories that did not necessarily match their vision of pageantry and heroism. So they didn’t want to go and fight so both the confederate and union governments had to find different ways to fill their Armies. (Volunteers and Conscription 1 of 4
In April 1862 the confederate congress passed legislation making white men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five eligible for conscription. Congress passed the militia act of 1862 which gave state governors the power to draft men for military service. (Volunteers and Conscription 1 of 4)
The north passed a long list of draft exemptions including controversial provisions allowing conscripts to avoid service by paying a $300 “Commutation Fee” or hiring a substitute these measures may have been designed to protect stability on the home front but they triggered angry outburst from working class people who complained of favoritism (volunteers and Conscription 1 of 4)
The confederate army was either draftees or substitutions as compared to only 8 percent of union soldiers. The south used the power of conscription to force men into uniform but the north with more men and greater wealth still overcame. (Volunteer and conscription 2 of 4)
The United States historically accepted black soldiers only in times of extreme crisis. Blacks served in uniform in the...

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