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Mandatory Sex Education Classes Essay

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“Arizona is rated the fourth highest state for teen pregnancy for ages 15-19 years old. For every 1,000 girls 70 teens are pregnant. Also, Arizona is ranked 16th highest state for syphilis, as well as 11th highest state for chlamydia. In the state of Arizona, 406 people out of 100,000 have reported consuming an STD. The average national rate of STD cases reported for every 100,000 people is 348” (Innes). From the look of these statistics the state of Arizona has a problem with teen pregnancy and STD’s. Lowering these rates will not only help the economy, but as well as help the lives of the younger generation. A proven way to lower these terribly high rates is sex education. Sex education not only informs students of the consequences from unprotected sex, but correspondingly abstinence is taught. Despite the opposition of some citizens who prefer that parents teach children in their own way, sex education should be part of mandated health classes and required for all students in both public and private schools.
Sex education is an informational class that teaches human anatomy and puberty, protection options for those who decide to have sex, and the basics of STD’s. In Arizona, sex education is optional; schools do not have to teach this class if not wanted. If schools decide to have sex education in the health class curriculum, it is usually taught to students anywhere from fifth to eighth grade. Very few schools offer sex education and according to the Senate Bill 1309 “The Parents Bill of Rights”, parents are required to sign a permission slip before their child attends the class (Innes). Most parents are opposed to sex education, because they want to be the person to talk to their child about sex. A problem with this opinion is that some parents are not ready to talk to their child about sex, and also are not comfortable talking to their children about this subject..
A big opposition of sex education is for religious reasons. “Along with the religious reasons most parents are against sex education, because they believe that exposing children to sex at an early age through a health education class will cause them to have sex earlier than they should” (Why). Parents do not want to put the thought of sex into their children’s mind. Although, sex is already a thought in a child’s mind, it just is not understood. According to Eric Meyer, a board member of the Scottsdale Unified School District, “From a public health standpoint, this is the only place our kids get this information. And if they opt-out, they won’t get it anywhere” (Faller). While all parents have concerns when it comes to their child and sex, bring provided with medically accurate sex education is beneficial for the health and safety of the child.
A positive attribute to having sex education in all school curriculums, is that knowledge gained from this class is completely accurate in the medical standpoint. In order for schools to teach sex education, their curriculum has to...

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