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"Mandragora" Written By David Mc Robbie. Essay

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M A N D R A G O R ADavid McRobbie's Mandragora (Mammoth Australia) is another contemporary novel with links to a historic shipwreck, the sinking of the Dunarling. Adam and Catriona have found a cache of four small dolls made from mandrake roots. The dolls were left in the cave by two other teenagers, Jamie and Margaret, who had survived the wreck of the Dunarling. Transcribing a diary from that same voyage, Adam and Catriona learn the power of the cursed mandrake roots, power that destroyed the Dunarling in 1886 and that is resurfacing in the town of Dunarling today.Chapter One. Here we are told of the trecherous journey of the 'Dunarling', it's crew and passangers.Not much information is actually given here on the 'Dunarling' as such, more of the two survivors.James Ramsay, a sailor aboard the ship, and Margaret Colquhoun, an immigrant bound for Adelaide escaped the wreck of the 'Dunarling' and rested in a small cave until morning when they brought the first news of the fate of the 'Dunarling', it's crew and passengers.When returning to the beach at which the cave was situated, they were unable to find the cave. Over many years, the cave still remained buired, and many beleived it was just 'a delusion on their part', and people used it to describe a strech of the imagination.When the four discover the tiny coffins, some have doubts about the coffins;*Catriona and Adam suggest to leave the coffins as they are.*Catriona, whilst supporting Adams arguments, Adam is "suprised to see how pale she was".*After discovering the contents of the coffins, "Relief was evident in his (Richards) voice".*"Adam found himself looking not at Richard but at the doll's face and he shivered briefly".*"It's (the dolls) expression seemed to have changed to one of triumph"Chapter Two. Hamish Leckie was a relative newcomer in the Dunarling community. Hamish was a former sergeant in the Royal Engineers and an explosives and demolition expert.On page 11, Hamish is first mentioned by Catriona, "We should go and get Hamish Leckie from the museum before we do anything, in case we find - you know - artefacts and stuff", after Catriona's breif explaination, Adam explains to Richard, "he's the curator".Further into the book, Adam talks more to Hamish as he continues to work on the diary of Ewart McColl. "He'd always regarded Hamish as an ally".Tam Dubh was the doll Adam and Catriona managed to salvage from Richard and Mike. When he first introduces himself to Adam, he is lying in his coffin on Adam's bedside table.Tam Dubh was described by Adam as;*Having "Quite a nice expression".*Also having, "The mouth painted off to one side; as if whoever made it wanted to give it a wry, cheerful look"*Being different to the one Richard had taken, "There was a brightness about this one".Tam Dubh effects Adam, when Tam Dubh is around, Adam has dreams about the future. As if Tam Dubh is showing him what will happen so that Adam can do something about it.Tam Dubh is able to use Adam to prevent...

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