Manifest And Latent Functions Of Taking Sociology Class

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Manifest functions are “the recognized and intended consequences of any social pattern” (Macionis, 2013, p. 13) while latent functions are “the unrecognized and unintended consequences of any social pattern” (Macionis, 2013, p. 13). An intended consequence of taking a sociology course and completing the sociology course would be to earn my final credits towards my bachelor’s degree in biology; moreover this is going to be my last semester, and I will cap out on the total amount of credits required for a bachelor’s degree with no further provision of financial aid. Another manifest function of taking sociology class would be to prepare myself for the MCAT (which is a medical college admissions test) because parts of the MCAT will have a sociological section by the year 2015. I want to be fully prepared for the MCAT, and I find that taking all the required courses for the MCAT is crucial to my success; furthermore, I had taken the MCAT before and had not met it with great success at all and was not confident in my testing score (which was a 22 and is not seen as competitive from any medical college) and for this reason I really want to get a much higher MCAT score and devote much greater time to study for this exam with sociology being a part of it. Another manifest function of taking this course is that it is an eight week course that starts in the beginning of the semester which is a blessing because the beginning of the 16 week courses aren’t as brutal (study wise) during the onset as they are during the times near the end of these 16 week courses where these classes tend to typically have final exams. I had an 8 week course, called bioethics, and this course was assigned to start halfway through the other 16 week courses that I had taken and this was a big mistake of mine because my bioethics teacher was a stickler for work, effort, and reading which really reflected on my GPA; at the end of that semester my GPA was not what I had hoped for at all.
Having busy work throughout the winter semester would also be another intended consequence of taking sociology class because I predicted that there would at least be some work in every course that I take at nova southeastern university which can be a good benefit; moreover it’s a great thing to stay busy especially as human beings reach old age (which is the most crucial moment to keep exercising the mind or else the brain itself will lose its manifest function of effectively computing mental commands), but I just think it’s always good to keep the habit of staying busy while I am young because it’s not good to have idle hands but to constantly be involved in this world and maintain relationships rather than being a couch potato. I really didn’t think this course would be too much for me to bear this semester as opposed to taking organic chemistry with the most difficult professor; however, I used rate my professor for Dr. Weber and heard a lot of very positive feedback about this professor which I...

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