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Manipulation Leading To Powerful Characters Essay

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In present society, humans constantly use others for their own intentions. In the novel, Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card characters use people's naivety to their own advantage. The adults in this novel use the children's innocence for their own nefarious purposes and consequently, manipulating the children leads to having powerful individuals as the story progresses.
Throughout the novel, the adults use the children's innocence in order to manipulate them. To begin, the adults cover their true identities, as controlling personnel, by portraying themselves as good people to the children. While Colonel Graff and Anderson are conversing they say, "' I like the kid. I think we're going to ...view middle of the document...

The administrators need soldiers that are young, so they can be fooled and played around with until they were what the adults want them to be. They manipulate Ender in order to control his actions and to ensure they destroy the Bugger race once and for all. All in all, the adults are shown as being manipulative and controlling when it comes to being able to reach their goals and use the children's naivety to their advantage.
Due to the manipulation, the adolescents change as they strive to become more powerful individuals. Firstly, Ender demonstrates power by showing that he can overlook events taking place and can act maturely to gain what he desires. "He had long since learned that when something unusual was going on, something that was part of someone else's plan and not his own, he would find out more information by waiting than by asking. Adults almost always lost their patience before Ender did” (260). Ender's power does not lie in how strong he is but is in how he beats people in their own game. He learns from his previous experiences that asking for assistance and getting guidance from adults is not enough, so he takes the matter into his own hands. He demonstrates his powerfulness by stating that he is mentally stronger than the adults, even if he is just a mere twelve- year old. Additionally, Peter and Valentine, display the qualities of being powerful characters by using their strengths. While introducing the idea of Locke and Demosthenes, Peter states, “Everybody thinks Hitler got to power because of his armies, because they were willing to kill, and that's partly true... But...

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