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Manipulative Advertising Essay

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​The meaning of advertising is "the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc"(cited in Collins English Dictionary). It has various forms such as televisions, newspapers, magazines, radios, mobiles, books, mailboxes, and through the networks. Advertising has become a part of our daily lives, and it affects our way of life because advertisements are everywhere: in the streets, supermarkets, shops and malls. In fact, advertising is one of the most influential marketing methods on consumers in the commercial field. It is also an important source of information before buying any product. However, advertising has become a way for traders to manipulate the consumers, and that has a lot of risks on the individual and the community. Advertising industry should grow for the need of informing the consumers about the products not to deceive then by marketing tricks.  Nowadays, advertising targets consumers to manipulate them more than informing them with the needed facts about what they buy because it is achieved by marketing fallacies and tricks and it causes many troubles in the community.
It has been argued that the reason for using manipulation rather than the information in the advertising world is to achieve the financial purposes in trade. The interests and commercial ambitions are good ways to use manipulation in the exploitation of consumers by traders. One of these goals is profit. Corporate business profitability always seeks the best in product development and spread everywhere, so manufacturers pay huge amounts of money using commercial marketing tricks in advertising. In "Ethical Issues in Business: inquiries, Cases, and readings", an anonymous author argued that the reason for why advertisement is in an ethic trouble which has become a moral problem because of manipulation and also pay a lot of money in order to promote the product up to 500 billion dollars (Tittle, 2000). Another aim of trade by manipulation advertising is to impact on people using the power of persuasion the reaction of consumers and customers and control their emotions. The Advertising in these days resorts to use the cunning tricks to earn the customers' trust and force them to purchase by control over the minds and emotions of consumers. According to the article "Is advertising becoming more manipulative?", advertising is a way to bring the brand to customers and it is one of the most ways that impacts on the psyche of customers and makes them want to buy. This is what makes marketers invented emotional advertising to manipulate consumers (Mrunmay & Rohit , 2006).Customers, which are naïve, are easy prey for manipulative companies in the advertising industry, so paying attention before buying any product is very important.
It has be also been argued that when advertising becomes manipulation rather than sending information is creating many problems in the community. The goal of advertising is no longer to earn money only, but became...

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