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The problem at hand is the mitigation of man-made disasters, and the lessening affect on humanity by natural disasters. Many man-made disasters are instigated by a natural disaster that a population is well aware of, yet they choose to ignore the risk because they are not personally involved or think it will not happen to them.
Up to now the alternatives have basically focused on remediation by the government after the fact. Somehow we have come to believe that if we build our house on a sandbar that the government will make us whole when the hurricane washes it into the ocean. This is faulty on so many levels. Government responsibility is an oxymoron in itself. In an article by James Payne, he cites numerous incidents of the government being irresponsible and actually causing more damage to the environment and populations because of mismanagement and poor oversight (James, 2010). There is an inherent conflict of interest in hoping that your government will protect you since the government requires funding and that funding can be hampered by restricting business and construction. Your life and property becomes a risk the government is willing to take in exchange for development and taxes.
Insurance companies provide another alternative to this problem but they too are hindered by governmental regulations intended to “help” people. Once again governmental agencies have infringed on the private enterprise ability to resolve a problem. Left to their own devices insurance companies may choose not to ensure a home built on a sandbar unless it was constructed in a manner to prevent damage from the most common and likely disaster of a hurricane. Existing homes would have higher rates of insurance and would be required to be rebuilt in a safe manner after a devastating incident.
Personal action becomes the most solid choice of the three. Your personal actions reflect on how the government will choose to react and how insurance companies will then be allowed to react. Even without the assistance of government and insurance a person should become...

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