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Manmade Harmful Chemicals Essay

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Manmade harmful chemicals
Many people are unaware and simply misinformed of the major implications that many chemicals that are manmade can have on their bodies. Several things I want to discuss are as follows. Hazards of using most pesticides, the affect it can have on pregnant women, cancer risks among painters, how children are affected from many chemicals, and also perfumes that manwomen use and how it has been linked to certain types of cancer. One would really believe that with all the current technologies these days there would be a lot less of these harmful chemicals in our air, and products that most humans use every day. I guarantee you would be surprised to find that chemicals that are contained in even most unsuspected items such as shampoo has been linked to cancer. (Davis) The government needs to focus more on us not itself….but that is a whole different topic.
First I want to talk about harmful manmade chemicals that are introduced in almost everything we use. These harmful chemicals can be found in pesticides, food additives, and even trace metals (Schubert)It has been found that every single year an estimate of 250,000 chemicals have been introduced to the catastrophic 2,000,000 chemicals that have already been found to be in use. Sadly, about 500 of these new harmful chemicals are used widely among humans .(Schubert)it is found that the percentile of humans exposed to potentially dangerous and possibly life threatening chemicals is as high as 100 percent. This is due to the fact that these chemicals are released into the air all over the world as well as put into our soil that we grow food out of across the globe and will somehow enter the human body either directly or indirectly eventually . (Schubert). A big epidemic that occurs with these harmful chemicals is mutagenic problems. What I mean by mutagenic problems is when babies are born and there mothers had previously been around harmful chemicals the babies are sometimes born with shorter arms or legs or messed up limbs. What is really astonishing about the whole epidemic is what little has been done by researchers or producers that manufacture items that contain these chemicals. It is pretty evident that even with a small investment into genetic education and applying mutagenicity tests could easily lead to an enormous money savings if we used these tests instead of carcinogenicity and toxicity tests of chemicals. (Schubert)Because of such high numbers of cases of genetic diseases , it is harder to identify increases in mutation that are caused by certain environmental pollutants. However, it is possible to keep track of for the most part if a comprehensive computerized system of records is utilized to keep everything in order and study affects. .(Schubert)A huge example of this is the outbreak of margarine or planta disease that was first found in west Germany in the year of 1958. The disease started when a new "emulsifier" was added to margarine in amounts...

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