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Manners Are Important Essay

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A horrible epidemic is sweeping the nation, and you just may be evoking it. Manners, whether they are deluxe or common, are being manhandled and disregarded, as the generations grow grey. I am sure that everyone had an experience when someone hasn't been very mindful of manners, of which I believe should be stressed more in our society, and everyone can improve on their etiquette whether you are a finishing school graduate or a trash can man, you can improve on manners. They are an important structure that our society bases it morals, common decency and civility upon.At some time or another has not everyone had a sceno with someone who was inattentive to his or her manners? Namely, a cell phone chit chatter, clacking in your ear, loudly discussing a private conversation oblivious to the people around them. Likewise, it could be a sickly elder who refuses to withdraw their hand from their warn wool pocket to cover mouth from exposing the surrounding living organisms around from the millions and millions of germs that are being released into the air. To illustrate farther, I had a particular bad experience when lack of politeness was the culprit. It was a cold and raining day with rain drops the size pen caps shattering down earth, making everything in their path completely saturated with fresh rainwater. My belligerent math teacher (at this time) felt it was necessary to 'mix things up,' for the sole reasoning that it was raining out. And so, he sent small groups in the hallway to do their work out there. Just as my group began to form a city-like circle, I overheard a cluster of bratty, loud girls who just 'didn't feel like going to class.' They were talking increasingly louder. Each of their high pitched, whiney voices echoed across the hallow lockers. Their screechy little voices seeped into my head, and bounced against the inside walls of my brain, giving me an everlasting excruciating head ache. I tried to ask them politely to talk quieter, but none of them seem to even care that we (my group and I) were trying to get our work done. They continued onward with their conversation. Consequently everyone in my group knew from the looks of vexation and annoyance on the hard working faces of everyone else that no work was going to be accomplished that day. Couldn't the girls simply talked softer or moved to another hallway? Is it really that hard to respect one enough to give them common courtesy? They were absolutely rude. In the similar fashion, holding the door goes along the same lines. Once I needed to enter a building with a revolving door. I had never seen one except in the movies. It twirled majestically in the morning sun, yearning for me conquer it. I waited a couple moments to observe the proper way of getting through it. After many moments of surveying the situation I decided to ask the next decent looking person for assistance, only to find that everyone was on a cell phone. Everyone wandering by was blissfully unaware of the girl in...

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