Mannesmann Vs. Vodafoneon A Hostile Takeover On A Hostile Takeover

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AbstractThis paper summarizes the proceedings of the largest merger in the history of the telecommunication business, including the two players Vodafone and Mannes-mann.Analyzing the history of the two companies, the reasons for the merger, the merger itself and the outcome of the takeover, as well as the impacts on society, economy and legislative are the major concerns.Along the way, a short description of the acting persons shall be given, and the environment of the merger shall be shown as appropriate for a complete descrip-tion.Table Of Contents1An Introduction To The Case31.1Mannesmann Before The Merger31.1.1It All Began With Tubes31.1.2A Company In Change31.2Vodafone Before The Merger41.2.1A Pure Telecommunication Player41.2.2The Merger Vodafone - Airtouch41.3Compare The Price: Mannesmann And Vodafone51.4The Opponents: Klaus Esser And Chris Gent81.4.1Klaus Esser81.4.2Chris Gent82The Proceedings Of The Merger92.1Mannesmann Wants Orange92.2Vodafone Wants Mannesmann92.3Mannesmann Fights With All Means92.4Vivendi: The White Knight?102.5Finally Vodafone Wins113The Future: Bright And Sparkling?113.1Vodafone - Mannesmann: The Biggest Player113.2Creating A New Brand: Forget About "Mannesmann"133.3The Impacts On Economy And Society133.3.1Impacts On Europe's Economy133.3.2Impact On The Exchange Rate Of Currencies143.3.3Impact On Legislation143.4Two Winners Are Clear151An Introduction To The CaseThis chapter will tell about the essential information necessary to understand why the merger between Mannesmann and Vodafone could happen, and why a company like Mannesmann, one of the fastest growing German companies, was a takeover candidate.1.1Mannesmann Before The MergerThe foundations of Mannesmann and its history are the contents of this chap-ter.1.1.1It All Began With TubesIt all began with tubes: in 1890 the "Deutsch-Österreichische Mannes-mannröhren-Werke Aktiengesellschaft" was founded, due to the fact that an innova-tive process of manufacturing seamless tubes a lot cheaper caused a huge spark in the demand for such tubes. (Mannesmann. 2000. "An Outline of Mannesmann - History of the Mannesmann Group".)Later Mannesmann expanded its concept to play an important role in the field of Steel Engineering and the Automotive Industry as well. In 1990, it was a widely diversified group as the company history quotes."…In 1990, the hundredth year in the history of the company, Mannesmann is a widely diversified technological Group that successfully operates internationally in the sectors of mechanical engineering and plant construction, drive and control sys-tems technology, electrical engineering and electronics, vehicle engineering as well as in the production and trading of the original product of steel tubing. This tradi-tional sector, the Group nucleus, provides only around 28% of the sales in 1990 and the trend is steadily sinking…" (Mannesmann. 2000. "An Outline of Mannesmann - History of the Mannesmann Group".)1.1.2A Company...

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