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Mano de obra: es el elemento de costo que representa al factor humano en el proceso de fabricación.Ciclos de la mano de obra:Registro o medición del tiempo: razonesPara liquidar los jornales por asistencia (se liquida por asistencia)Para poder distribuir los costos de mano de obra en toda la producción (importante para la empresa para poder saber los costos de forma mas exata)Por exigencias legales (jornada legal) max 48 hs. Bien medido el tiempo. Esto puede traer consecuencias para bien o para mal.Por control laboral (interno, también puede tener consecuencias judiciales). Horario de entrada - salidaContabilidad general: se dedica a la liquidación de sueldo y jornales y su contabilización.Contabilidad de costos: distribución de los costos de mano de obra en la producción y su contabilización.Liquidación de sueldos:Mensual: cobro feriado cuando lo trabajo. Sueldo normal más feriado.Jornal izado: es por hora, por día de asistencia. No lo cobra por asistencia sino como feriado. De esta forma cobran los operarios de fábrica (por quincena). Quien decide si se cobra por día o por hora es el convenio colectivo de la rama fabril en la que trabaja.Horas extras: aquellas que se trabajan por demás de la jornada legar o convencional de trabajo. Las horas extras se pagan por un adicional de un 50% o del 100 %. Es un 50%, diurnas de lunes a viernes ( se 20$ pasaría a 30$); y son de un 100% nocturnas o sábados, domingos y feriados (de 20$ pararía a 40$)Tratamiento del adicional por hora extra.CAUSA DE LA HORA EXTRA DESTINO CONTABLE DEL ADICIONALMano de obra adicional: comprende todos los conceptos que no son jornales por asistencia pero que se deriva de ellos y de las leyes laborales. El costo de mano de obra adicional de una empresa estará dado por los...

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748 words - 3 pages As a counterterrorism specialist, the first things you must know are who the terrorist are, and what their plans are. This is a critical first step in defeating terrorist. However, having confiscated the Al Qaeda training manual from an apartment of a suspected terrorist and then having that fact made public world wide must have sent the group into a regrouping of their techniques for secrecy. The first thing I would think from this manual being

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1088 words - 4 pages Standard Technical Specification – 2002 ● Standard Technical Documents for Road Work Contracts National Competitive Tendering (NCT) -2002 ● Standard Bidding Documents for Road Work Contracts International Competitive Bidding (ICB) -2002 However, it is my professional opinion that the existing drainage design manual can be improved by taking a more realistic approach that takes the actual circumstances of the Ethiopian environment for example

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1443 words - 6 pages manual interesting and set it apart from others. It would also create moments of reflection and depth (but not too tiring) for the readers as it would transport them into a story, a different era, a war context for instance. As a result, they would better appreciate the realistic design of this tank and understand how it would work in real life and why it’s important to know these things. By occupying the entire instruction manual with dangers

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1063 words - 4 pages some of the sections were in an outline format and others were not, the foundation wanted all of the sections to look the same. My job was put the sections that were not outlined into an outlined format and to make sure that the font and margins were consistent throughout the manual. Once this was completed I needed to give each page a footer and a page number and then submit my finished work to the person who was in charge of completing the

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936 words - 4 pages , 2014)."A computerized accounting system can store many years of information. If the audit requires it, the employer can access information dating from many years back. If, during the audit, the auditor spontaneously requests an accounting document, the employer can quickly retrieve it from the system instead of rummaging through storage boxes to locate hard copies." (Grace, 2014).It eradicates manual processing. "A computerized accounting system

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1213 words - 5 pages regularly updated and available to everyone who handles the patient6. Evaluate your research and draw conclusionsManual Handling is important part of patient care, therefore everybody should identify risks involved and plan handling in the context of the working environment.Literature used:1. Safety, Health and Welfare at work (General Application) Regulations, 1993 and Guidelines2. Handle with care - Safe Manual

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1212 words - 5 pages employee manual clearly states that women may have pierced ears as long as the ear jewelry is a post and ball style earring with no dangles or gems. Men are not permitted to have ear jewelry while at work. Mr. Rudo must provide evidence to the EEOC to support a claim that maintaining pierced ears is part of his religion or culture. The employee manual reserves the right to waive specific rules for medical, religious, or cultural reasons.The employee

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518 words - 2 pages timely fashion. •     Background Carol Robins, a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., in early April he was able to hire 15 new trainees who were destined to work for Monica Carrolls, the operations supervisor. From the interviews that were conducted, it appears that Carl was unable to accomplish all of the tasks necessary so that the new hires could begin work. These tasks included documentation, drug testing


1196 words - 5 pages also affect a technician’s performance because high pressure and stress cause a person to suffer, which will directly affect the aircraft. Therefore, it I important for maintenance technicians to work carefully, calmly when dealing with overhaul and repair on an aircraft, which can prevent many aircraft crashes. Aircraft maintenance documentation is also highly important in proper maintenance. Every year, there are many incidents directly related

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1942 words - 8 pages PAGE PAGE 8 Introduction1.1 BackgroundThe successful organization is the one that communicates well both internally and with other companies and clients. In fact, information flow is crucial to any organization and the better the flow the more successful it is.At work a great of information is convoyed in technical documents, some of the tasks tackled by their writer are; proposals, reports, instruction. Technical writing communicates highly

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2092 words - 8 pages Drucker's comparison, he focused on the productivity of the knowledge economy, whilst claiming productivity was unheard of in the age (the 20th century) of the manual worker. Productivity emerged from gaining knowledge rather than doing monotonous actions, which are common amongst manual workers.Drucker claims Taylorism showed that unskilled, repetitive motions were utilised with manual work and in order for manual work to be more productive

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Manual Work Essay

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