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Manufacture And Materials Essay

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Question 1: - Why automotive manufactures are seeking to employ new manufacturing techniques in component manufacture - you should give additional examples. [10]Manufacturing Process Comparison Table:Manufacturing Process Raw Material Utilisation (%) Energy Requirement per kg of finished part (MJ)Casting 90 30-38PM - Sintering 97 29Cold or Warm Extrusion 85 41Hot Drop Forging 75-80 46-49Machining Processes 40-50 66-82- To produce the highest quality part at the lowest possible cost, to produce a 'WIN WIN' situation where the customer gets a low cost high quality part that is economical and profitable to produce.- To save money - PM can be a cheaper process than alternative methods. A part of a commercial irrigation sprinkler made from brass alloy was die-cast but is now produced using PM at a 60% cost saving.- Generally cutting costs through innovation will save money.- Generally companies are looking to produce a manufacturing process that is more automated / efficient / time saving / etc.- To make an increase in Raw material utilisation (see table above).- A decrease in the energy required producing the part (see table above).- To make production more energy efficient.- To produce a higher quality part.- To produce o process that will require less labour.- Require minimal time of unskilled labour - unskilled because of cheaper wages and ease of recruitment.- Have a reduction in lead times this so supply to the customer is more guaranteed.- Create ways of producing cheaper tools / equipment.Typical example of Improved Process Technique:PM Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) process- Uses very fine powders mixed with polymers or wax-based materials (extra costs due to smaller grain sizes and the addition of the polymer to help powder flow).- The mixture then goes through a similar process to injection moulding where the powder mixture is injected into the hot mould to form the shape of the component.- The components are put it a hot furnace to burn off the polymers / wax.- The component is then sintered to achieve the structural requirement.- The process can be done at a greater speed than ordinary PM, which will help to reduce piece part costs.- Dimensional tolerances are good.- Complex shaped components are easily removed from the dies.- Multi-cavity dies can help with higher / more efficient production rates.- This process can produce parts like watch components, gun barrels, surgical knives etc.Question 2: - What advantages can be accrued from the employment of techniques such as PM in terms of the materials and the properties which can be enhanced - again you should cite examples in addition to those contained it the article. [15]General Advantages of using PM- PM can produce...

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