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The Variety Of Manufacturing Plants In Illinois

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Items are manufactured everywhere. There are multiple companies that manufacture items everywhere. Almost everything is manufactured from a company unless it is homemade or it is naturally like in the state it is. Canning is a big part in manufacturing because almost any food can be canned. Things like corn,carrots,peas,green beans, and beans are canned. The processes of manufacturing items are very interesting.
Beard Ice Company
Before ice could be preserved in refrigerators, keeping ice cold was a major problem. Back in this time there wasn't good enough technology to refrigerate good enough. Before the invention of refrigerators the only way to cool objects was an insulated box filled with ice. During the time the insulated box was around it only worked for a short time.Although the insulated box also required lots of ice it cooled things very good. Ice was hard to be obtained in summer so it made it even harder to cool things(Burton 52). Before the 1830s it was not possible to manufacture ice.Before the 1830s ice had to be gathered in the winter. The ice that was gathered was stored until summer and then sold for profit. William Cotton saw an opportunity to organize a company and he did.(Burton 52) John Custer became William Cotton’s partner in 1840 in the ice business. To produce ice they made a dam for ice production in the winter. The dam had problems and collapsed which was a big problem(Burton 52). Custer abandoned Mr. Cotton in 1875. Custer left cotton all on his own. John Beard helped Custer build a dam and got partnership of the company as a reward. In 1905 Beard was basically running the whole company. Then in 1905 the companies name was changed to Beard Ice company( Burton 52). Beard now had a slogan. The slogan was “Home of the germless ice”. the new method for making ice worked until World War One when refrigerators were invented. Now the old methods were not needed(Burton 52). After world war I there was no insulated cooling boxes needed just refrigerators. Also after world war one there was no need for frozen lakes because there were refrigerators (Burton 52). In the 1900s everything changed and became more advanced. Ice could now be made electrically. Now the company did not have to freeze lakes for supply. Beard still used freezing lakes just in case electricity failed (Burton 52). In the 1900s Beard relocated to a more modern area. Beard obtained new equipment to make ice. Beard made ice differently now. Beards new way was a success. Now Beard did not need frozen rivers at all; rivers could still be used but did not produce as fast as the new way. (Burton 52).
Swine Slayer
Philip Danforth Armour was the greatest ‘swine slayer’ of the 19th century. Phillip founded the worlds largest meat firm. Philip was responsible for killing the most hogs in history. Philip was called a businessman and not a butcher (Meiss 175). Philip did not kill the hogs himself he hired others to kill for him. Philip had made a lot of money during...

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