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Manufacturing Essay

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Production systems in factory- ***
Organization of people, equipments, machines and procedures is defined as production system.

Following are the categories of production system.
1. Facilities - The factory, the source of an energy required for production such as electricity, air, steam etc, the equipments in the factory and their arrangements, placements or formations, all together can be defined as facilities.
2. Manufacturing support systems – For efficient production in factory requires facilities as described above. However, to organize production, to arrange material movement inside and outside, to fix technical and logistical issues, to ensure quality standards, a specific set of ...view middle of the document...

Automated systems – As the name implies the manufacturing system does not require direct involvement of human worker. Semi-automated and fully automated are further classified systems of this type. In semi-automated systems we can say that operator intervention is needed for manufacturing of each job or object even limited to load and unload. However fully automated systems can be such that operator can or shall intervene only after a particular numbers of job have been produced. For example - Injection molding machines or forging machines where machine tending is done by some sort of automated system.

Manufacturing support systems -
The manufacturing support system fulfill following functions. Design the process of production, planning and controlling the production and maintaining the product quality standards.
Manufacturing support system involves four main functions.

• Business functions,
• Product design,
• Manufacturing planning,
• Manufacturing control
Business Functions –
This function is an interface between the organization and the customer. It involves many sub functions such as marketing, sales, finance, accounting, billing etc. Remember the buyer of product originates the requirement of product to be produced. The requirement then progresses to the organization through marketing or sales. The product can be standard or custom specified. Sometime organization may produce its proprietary products based on forecasting the market.
Product Design –
The product design involves engineering design of a product based on specifications provided by customer. Some times it could be an extension of company’s proprietary product design to suit customers need. The decision about product design is initiated by marketing function.

Manufacturing Planning –
After the product design is over, the concerning documents flow to manufacturing planning function. Generally it includes process planning, master scheduling, requirement planning and capacity planning.
It is often likely in concurrent or simultaneous engineering project that design and manufacturing activities can run in parallel to save the time or to shorten the development time for the product.
Process panning involves decisions about sequence of various manufacturing and assembly processes to produce the product. Primarily, the manufacturing and industrial engineering cells do this planning. Managing the sequence of part level production and sub-assembly level production to meet master schedule requirement is a very important and fine-spun task. Master schedule dictates the type, quantity of products to be produced and date on which they are supposed to be delivered to the customer.
Manufacturing control –
In the process of manufacturing products, there are three control functions namely, Shop floor control, Inventory control and Quality control. The diagram depicts the flow of information between production systems and manufacturing control.
Shop floor control –
Shop floor...

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