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Manufacturing And Service Organizations Essay

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Today manufacturing and service organizations are operation in a global marker; there fore their success depends on having the right producrs services and providing customers with what they wont at the right time and at the right place price continuously and competitively.

In order for whirlpool company to enhance its productivity and to become world class performer it needs to develop policies and apply strategies whch will continuously:

· satisty the quality expectation of their customers

· lower their costs whilst standing sustaining or even improving the standards of its products and services.

· Deliver its products and services at the right time.

Whirlpool company, however, is facing muthiple issues that hinder the work of its different functions to achieve efficiency and effectiveness a Bad information system and its effect on product availability and customer satisfaction.

The corporation operates in 11 plants, each plant produces a specific product line resulting in multiple stock - keeping units. This has a great impact on analyzing, and managing and calculationg the monetary values of the stock items.

Whirlpool Europe operates many stand - alone information systems offices specifically to meet their own business requirements.

The problem is that information could not be easily shared across functions or organizations, and was often in cousistent.

This issue represents a great challenge for the function of information management which jurn would have other serious effects on the other functions such as marketing and accounting and finance, for instance, the sales organization has a difficulty in viewing the qvaila loility of certain units and has to access as many as 13 independent inventory systems to view inventory acress the supply chain. This fact would als affect the decisions taken by the sales office concerning time delivery because of the vagueness of products availability, this means that whirlpool

Is unable to reliably satisfy the contractors required delivery time - within ten days of being ordered.

b. cost-ineffectiveness

That failure in inventory investment is also manifestelin the function of accounting and finance resulting in a great loss in the costs of goods. Indeed, the computer has 51 days of inventory. Of the 51 days, eight days are reserved and allocated units, nine are in transit and three are obsolete.

The need for a better operations control

The issue is that there is no integration in sales fore casting and inventory management. This, of course, has negative effects on the planning and control of the work operations and on the HRM for the latter wouldn't find it easy to know exactly what number of staff is needed for a particular task during a particular period.

I need. The company is suffering from redundancy amangvorder desk and 60 finance employees.

The most un portent improvements to performance that are likehy to...

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