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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) applications have become essential to support real-time production control as well as data collection and require improving production performance. MES has significantly evolved into more powerful and more integrated software applications as computing technologies. This is due to the capability of MES optimizer business processes in the product supply chain, improve product of quality and ensure the safety of manufacturing processes, which can link to automation equipment to record relevant information and to help manufacturers solve these challenges by tracking each movement in real-time. Jindal et al. [1], process information is captured and validated as it happens, and manufacturers can tracks yield and cycle time by operator, equipment, production line, and adjust manufacture processes to accelerate development. Younus, M et al.[2], Integrated MES in a manufacture industry start, guide, respond to and report on manufacturing activities as they occur from order launch to finished product by improving quality and reducing costs of the product. Products can be tracked throughout the manufacture process using the work-in-process (WIP) tools in MES Factory Server, reducing time to complete the product. Hao Guangke et al [3] Service-oriented MES is well configurable so that it can facilitate system fast practices and workshop business agility. Valckenaers P et al [4] the MES performs this task in an autonomic manner, filling in missing details, providing alternatives for unfeasible assignments, handling auxiliary tasks, and so on.
MESA international [5] study of benefits is part of MESA’s aggressive research on the analysis programme designed to support developers/vendors of MES technology and manufacturers who use the technology or are planning to use it. Through a series of industry surveys, studies, reports, published articles and papers. Using MES resulted in decreased manufacturing cycle time by an average of 45%, a diminished data entry time of around 75% or more, a reduced number of works in progress (WIP) of an average 24%, reduced paperwork between shifts by an average 61%, reduced lead time by an average of 27%, reduced paperwork and blueprint losses by an average 56% and reduced product defects by an average of 18%. This demonstrates the system’s optimisation effect
Unfortunately, although many manufacturing execution systems have been proposed, few of them have addressed the problem of finding a systematic approach for MES reliability growth satisfying multiple assessment requirements. MES applications still fall short of adding capabilities for decision-making tools in very dynamic organizations were adaptive execution strategies are required to replenish the supply chain while dynamically responding to unpredicted change, which was Similar studies also some precedents. Chiu, Y.-S.P et al.[6] Studied the lot-sizing problem on an imperfect quality EPQ model. To deal with...

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