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Manufacturing ProcessesAssignment 3James FortyContents PageTask 13Components3Task 24Pressing Sheet Metal4Pressing Sheet Metal & Forming Plastics4Casting5Rolling6Forming Extrusion:7Task 38Press tools8Punches & Dies9Re-usable and non-permanent moulds & Suitable casting materials for particular processes10Example of press capacity calculation in terms of tonnage14Task 414The sintering Process for Ceramic materials14Materials suitable for sintering17Components that lend them selves to the sintering process19Bibliography:20Internet:20Books20Task 1ComponentsProcessComponentPressing Sheet Metal:Car body panelFridge DoorsMetal BadgesForming PlasticsCar DashPlastic Storage BoxesCertain bottle topsCastingEngine blockCylinder HeadGas Boiler CasingMotorbike foot-pegsRollingSheet Metal for press work (rolling mill) Pressing Sheet MetalIron BarI SectionsForming ExtrusionFire ExtinguishersGas CylindersAcetylene CylindersTask 1 - Detailed justifications are included in Tasks 2, 3 & 4 whereby the component listed matches with the description of the process.Also the justification for why these items have been chosen is that from the extensive research that I have done I have found evidence that states that these components are used it the particular processes chosen.Task 2Pressing Sheet MetalSee Appendix 2 - (Rover 75 Roof Panel Pressing Analysis)Materials used on Swindon Pressings Ltd Site: See Appendix 5 - (Steel Specification Sheet)Pressing Sheet Metal & Forming PlasticsCharacteristics of Forming Sheet Material Table:CharacteristicImportanceElongationDetermines the capability of the sheet metal to stretch without necking and failure.Yield point elongationObserved with mild steel sheets, also called Lueder's bands and stretcher strains. Causes flame like depressions on the sheet surfaces but can be eliminated by temper rolling, but the sheet must be formed within a certain time period after rolling.AnisotropyDetermines thinning behaviour of sheet material during stretching - important in deep drawing operations.Residual StressesCaused by non-uniform deformation during forming, causes part distortion when sectioned and can lead to stress-corrosion cracking - reduced or eliminated by stress relieving.Spring-backCaused by the recovery of the plastically deformed sheet after unloading, will cause loss of dimensional accuracy. Soled by 'over-bending' and other specialised techniques.WrinklingCaused by compressive stresses in the plane of the sheet can be used to increase the stiffness of some parts but can be controlled by proper tool and die design.Generally pressing / forming stretches the material to elongate the grains in the material so that is will follow the form that is required. Obviously if stretched too much it will crack. Another thing that has to be added is that when the sheet material is rolled the grains flow in a certain direction, if the pressing / forming operation requires the material to be stretched against the grain flow of...

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