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Manufacturing Steering Wheel Essay

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Steps of Manufacturing The Steering Wheel
Steering wheels nowadays are made up of resin covered metallic internal core and an external shell that is made up of different material depending on the manufacturer (George, 2011). In this formula model car steering wheel, the core will be made up of carbon fibre that will be impregnated with polypropylene. The rack housing will be made of 6063-T6 high strength aluminium with the grips being ABS.
Steps Followed in Manufacturing of Steering Wheel
In the present technology, the internal metal core designated 4, is comprised of the external rim 3 and spokes 2 (Karnopp, 2003). The steering wheel parts for formula student are CNC ...view middle of the document...

After joining the half shells together, the coupling teeth rest on one another perfectly.
8. The final step comprise of gluing together the two half shells using a structural glue 17 placed between the coupling teeth 14 and 15. This forms one shell around the steering wheel body.
9. To accommodate the expanding glue 17, two grooves that are diagrammatically opposite are provided.
10. Excess glue is removed, and painting done on the completed steering wheel

Flow Chart of the Manufacturing Process

Steering wheel parts diagram
1. Core
2. Ring portion core
3. Spoke portion core
4. Boss portion core
5. Transparent coating to cover coating 7.
6. Thermoplastic elastomer of olefin coating layer
7. Thermoplastic elastomer of olefin coating ring portion 2
8. Thermoplastic elastomer of olefin coating portion core 3
9. Cavity complementary to protrusion 10
10. Protrusion complementary to cavity 9
11. K
12. A decorative layer
13. A printed layer used to cover coating layer 7
14. Coupling teeth
15. Coupling teeth.
Front wheels are used to calculate steering rack forces. A car always looses track as it moves through corners. This phenomenon is known as the restoring moment which acts perpendicularly on the front tyres. To calculate the restoring moment, the moments about the steering axis are summed up. The driver applies a force whose magnitude is determined by the stress created by the restoring moments. Formula cars are designed for auto-crossing hence the steering system will experience varying different conditions. To calculate the restoring moments, Microsoft Excel will be used. It will be determined using vertical, lateral and tractive forces while taking into account the geometry of suspension and steering angle. To analyse the combined loading, the transfer of weight under braking and rolling were included. Steering angle and tractive loads are considered to be significant while analysing forces since normal and tractive forces contribute to <1% of the loading force (George, 2011).
In determining the specific turn speeds and radii while the lateral load and the steer angles are known, the Bicycle Model of a Car is used. This model is accurate hence allowing for the feasibility of the car’s turn condition to be estimated. According to Karnopp, (2003), the following assumptions are to be prepared to simplify the calculations involved and consider all the safety factors.
1. The formula car runs on a smooth track. In such driving conditions, setbacks such as bumps that cause sudden unintended impacts have been removed.
2. The bicycle model of the car already adopted eliminates Ackerman's effect.
3. The formula car is close to 50-50 distributions of...

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