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Manufacturing Strategy, Competitiveness And Management In African Firms: The Role Of Globalisation, Technology And Capital.

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Manufacturing Strategy, Competitiveness and Management in African Firms: The Role of Globalisation, Technology and Capital.by2008©DeclarationI hereby declare that this thesis has been composed by myself and has not been presented or accepted in any previous application for a degree. The work, of which this is a record, has been carried out by myself unless otherwise stated and where the work is mine, it reflects personal views and values. All quotations have been distinguished by quotation marks and all sources of information have been acknowledged by means of references including those of the Internet.Wednesday, 16 April 2008Table Of ContentsChapter 1IntroductionBackgroundThe economic disaster, which has hit Continent of Africa in the past decade, is raising questions about future scenario for the continent. Questions have been raised about the future position of Africa in world manufacturing Trade and whether Africa has any possibility of developing a reasonable industrial structure. This research study is an unpretentious attempt to address these questions. The standpoint taken is that there is a lesson to be strained from firms, which have been exporting and are continuing to sell abroad, manufactured goods from Africa. A study of such firms can provide useful insights into the process by which they have been upholding their position in the world market in spite of the general crisis conditions. Some exporting firms have been trailing or changing their positions in world manufacturing Trade. Useful lessons can also be copied from the experience of these firms. This research study brings insights from the experience of 55 exporting firms from six countries in Africa and depicts out some policy suggestions regarding the scenario of reforming for export orientation.In the 1980s, and especially in the 1990s, many countries in Africa practised economic crises of altering sternness. Their economies have been categorized by weak growth in the prolific sectors, with the initial squirt of industrial growth stumbling, by poor export performance, reflected in the falling share of African exports in world manufacturing Trade and the unchanged export formation, and by increasing debt, a declining economic and social infrastructure and increasing environmental deprivation. This catastrophe has important implications for the prospects of altering African economies, as imagined by African governments (for instance in the Lagos Plan of Action). The crisis has suggestions in two policy areas of particular significance to the theme of this research study: the previous import-substitution approach to industrialization as a means of economic revolution, and the position of Africa in world manufacturing Trade.Debates on the causes of the crisis have centred on two categories of issues. The first category consists of exogenous factors such as bad weather, waning terms of manufacturing Trade, random international interest rates and reduced inflows of foreign...


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