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Many Literary Works Are Composed Of A Variety Of Characters

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Many literary works are composed of a variety of characters that differ in various ways. Novels commonly consist of an ensemble of personalities. If two pieces are compared to one another it becomes obvious that certain roles overlap. Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesmen and Eugene O'Neil's Long Day's Journey into Night have characters in their casts that share behaviors. Biff Loman and Jamie Tyrone deal with life in very comparable manners. Although Biff and Jamie do have some differences they are very similar in personal behaviors. They were both alcoholics, womanized, and fled from past experiences. Biff Loman required strength to carry on his daily duties and alcohol proved to be his support post. Every time a problem surfaced the instant solution would be liquor. Biff refused to take control of his own life. He simply let a substance cloud his path to the future. Jamie Tyrone used alcohol as an escape from the past. When Jamie was under the influence nothing mattered and he could let the past go. Alcohol was always present to offer aid in the situation. In both cases the family members almost accepted the alcoholism and believed that the boys could not be saved. Jamie believed affection to be an essential part of human life. His family looked upon him as one whom was not capable of caring or thought. He was a failure and his family had given up on any hope of him succeeding. Jamie ran to women for a sense of belonging and to make him feel worthy of love. Jamie could not...

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