Many People Have Obstacles Actually Everyone Has At Least 1 Obstacle A Day Whether It Is Trying To Win A Baseball Game Or Even Beat Your Friend I...

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Many People have obstacles actually everyone has at least 1 obstacle a day whether it is trying to win a baseball game or even beat your friend in texas hold'em or even win a 4-wheeler race with your brother. No matter if you win or lose it still was an obstacle and the only difference is between the people who try to overcome these obstacles and the people who just turn there backs and walk away from them.

Kevin and many other people are homeless in the world, in the united states alone there is 1.3 million children that are homeless, and there are multiple reasons like they can't work, or they got sick, those are the most common of reasons for homelessness but there is a lot of times where the same instance that occurred to make Kevin Lui and his family homeless. they were just like every normal family except they had a 2 story house except the bottom story was of there house was a shop where the family all worked. until the day came the house owner kicked them all out for renovations to the house, the family didn’t even get enough time to pack all of there stuff. they just got kicked out. now usually a landlord can’t do that but “My parents spoke very little english” They thought it would be useless to take the landlord to court so there the family was out of a job and house, but they did eventually move into a shelter. Kevin didn't seem to mind it at the start but it got worse and worse. soon Kevin began to hate the dirty shelter. it was dirty the food didn't taste good and he was constantly being harassed and bullied by another kid in the shelter, he made fun of him for being one of the only 2 asian families. Kevins grades started to drop and he started to lose touch of his friends. Eventually Kevin joined a after school program that would help homeless kids with grades and even try finding them a house. Kevins grades started to improve drastically and he even made a few friends. It had been almost 2 whole years of living in the shelter until his family got the chance of a life time. they had been accepted and was able to get a house because of the stuff kevin joined who helped homeless people. they moved in as soon as they could. now they could enjoy home cooked meals unlike they could at the shelter. A few years later Kevin finally opened up and told one of his true friends and his friend didn't seem to really care or treat him differently. so he started being more truthful to more friends and most of his friends still treated him the same! so not all homeless people are because of illnesses,...

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