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Many Young People, Today, Are Too Concerned About The Way They Look. What Are The Implications?

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At the began everyone know the look is most important thing in these nowadays, there are a lot of people who are concerned about the way they look very much. The implications can be very different. There are different factors that can cause this happening. The most dangerous one is for sure social factor. Almost in all level of our life, as in behavior, situations and preferences, also in clothing we fight for individuality, goal to accept others. Whether we like it or not, but whenever choosing clothes, we subconsciously ask the question if it is fashionable and what others think of me.
Our personal and business life depends on our appearance and relationships with people in general. We ...view middle of the document...

pants, a jacket and a shirt are not the most comfortable things. Nevertheless, we will be collected, as required for productive work. The dress code is very large value, and do specific tasks for educational institutions, companies, important events, activities. Discos or nightclubs guards conduct so-called "dress control" and can refuse some people to visit a place if their clothes do not meet the rules. Choice of clothing, in fact, is a private matter. Nevertheless, we must remember few basics : fashion style affects not only person's appearance, but also his attitude toward himself and others.
Wanting to look fashionable it is necessary not to lose yourself, to reveal your individuality. We define fashion as a special phenomenon of mass psychology, based on the category of "hipness" opposing "unfashionable", and on action pair socio-psychological mechanism of infection-imitation. From the viewpoint of mass psychology, fashion is a bright desire to the external diversity. Considering the style of fashionable and richest region people increase their prestige externally as well as internally by the way they look. Following the fashion, putting their way to trendy clothes, ideas, lifestyle, people inevitably develop, enrich new knowledge, feelings and perceptions. They form their own taste and preference . Sometimes concerns about the appearance can be a cause of some psychological troubles and it can be treated as a psychological illness.

Concern with their appearance is typical for adolescence and early adulthood. Usually at this stage of development, young people compare themselves with culture idol and come to the conclusion that this and that they lack. usually, this concern disappears as they succeed in courtship. Girls begin to consider themselves cute when the boys find them attractive. However, sometimes girls develop too much concerns about their physical defect, real or imaginary, that they begin to avoid the social situations that could help them to overcome this concern. Sometimes it is real physical defect, in other cases it is some minimal problem, but very...

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