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Maple School Should Allow Their Students To Chew Gum During Class

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Gum. When you hear that word you think all the different brands and flavors the world has created. There is mint, apple, banana, cinnamon, bubble gum, cotton candy, and many more. When you hear the word gum do you even think about gum helping you in school? Well, its true gum has been proven multiple times that it can improve test scores, memory, and concentration in school. Theres only one issue for some students, their school doesn't allow them to chew gum. Maple school doesn't allow their students to chew gum during class, but knowing all the benefits it can bring, it is absurd that they don’t allow it. Maple school should allow their students to chew gum during class.
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We all have had that moment of disgust when we breathe in the vile odor coming from a person’s mouth. Web M.D came out with an article called, Bad Breath? Chew Gum, Lisa Zamosky stated, “Studies have proven to be effective, that if you chew gum it will disguise the odor of bad breath” (Zamosky 1). Now if you give the kid with the distinct odor coming out of their mouth give them a piece of gum, it will help calm down the odor. Some parents don’t like the idea of chewing gum, so they ask why can’t the kids just use mints? Mints do have the same effects as gum, but mints are big in your mouth and are hard to talk with. With gum you can talk easily and it is small. Mints only last a short period of time, once they are gone the odor slowly starts to creep back. Gum can last as long as you want it to, and it helps keep the stench away. Gum does help kids, and Maple school should allow their students to chew gum in class.
Lastly, some kids have a hard time concentrating in class, but if they chew gum they will be able to focus for a longer period of time. The British Psychological Society came out with an article called, Chewing Gum Helps You Concentrate Longer, and Andrew Johnson stated, “previous research has shown...

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