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Mapping Diabetes Related Services – Melbourne’s Mid And Outer West

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Project Brief

Project Title
Mapping Diabetes Related Services – Melbourne’s Mid and Outer West

To develop a comprehensive map by local government area of community health, metropolitan / regional health, and private service providers engaged in the delivery of diabetes related services.

Melbourne’s mid and out west metropolitan regions incorporates the Cities of Maribyrnong, Brimbank, Wyndham, Hobsons Bay and the Shire of Melton. The region has a population of over 590,000 and is characterised by its cultural diversity, population growth, embedded economic and social disadvantage.

The extension of Melbourne’s urban growth boundaries within the Werribee - Melton growth corridor, will generate economic and social prosperity through an expected increase the regions’ population by 2026 to 1.25 million people. On the other hand this rapid growth will also impact upon the health and wellbeing of residents and without an integrated approach to the planning and delivery of health services will result in an increase social, economic and health related harms.

As part of an integrated approach to chronic disease management in the West that includes:
• Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP)
• Early Intervention in Chronic Desease Management (EIiCD)
• Primary Care Partnership System Redesign

This project and brief is critical first step in the development and implementation of a broader strategy Responding to Diabetes in the West proposed by the Department of Health Integrated Care Branch NorthWest and HealthWest member agencies.

Diabetes is serious disease that can lead to ‘potentially lethal complications including heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. It can also lead to blindness, lower limb amputation and erectile dysfunction and is associated with depression ... risk factors for type 2 diabetes include overweight, physical inactivity, family history, high blood pressure,
ethnicity, [and] smoking’ (Australian Community Centre for Diabetes 2009: Factsheet).

According to Roberts 2009 in a draft report commissioned by the Australian Community Centre for Diabetes and Diabetes Australia (Vic) ‘As at 1st March 2009, there were 27,650 registered diabetes cases in the Western Region of Melbourne ... [representing] 4.3% of the region’s total population’ (Roberts: 2009, 3). Western metropolitan residents compared to the average Victorian resident are more likely to be insulin dependant, and experience gestational and type 2 diabetes and associated health complications. (Table 1)

Table 1
Western Region Melbourne
Diabetes Type Number % Vic State
Gestation 682 0.11% 0.07%

Type 1 3258 0.51% 0.56%
Type 2 23615 3.67% 3.12%
Type 2 Under 55 5485 1.06% N/A
Type 2 Over 55 18130 14.12% N/A
Type 2 and registered in year ending 30/6/2008 1303 0.20% N/A
Requiring Insulin 8040 1.25% 1.18%

(Roberts 2009, Analysis of Diabetes in Western Region of Melbourne,

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