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Mapping Objective Relational Essay

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Businesses today use ORM Object Relational Mapping, which is a primary key in today’s mainframe and thus rely on a strong course to retain the complexity of programming in today’s technology. They have progressed from a one-tier, to a three tiers, separating both the logical and physical, which includes the following:
“Presentation-the user interface components.
Business Logic-processes commands requested by the users, makes logical decisions such as calculations and computations. Retrieves data from the data tier.
Data Storage and retrieval-storage and retrieval of data for the system and passes, the data to the business layer for processing and ultimate rendering to the user by the presentation tier. In theory this can be file storage, XML, or a relational database, however, a relational database is by far the most common usage.” (Telerik, 2009)
Programmers late in the last decade were forced into what is known as n-tier (a multi-user approach), which is commonsensically the same as three tiers. The Internet with the increased usage needed to development a system to include, not only data storage (database server), there was a need for data access layer (DAL). Therefore a need to include an additional tier to pull them all together not only to access databases it needed to include web services with web server UI (User Interface).
This developed into a dizziness of tiers, which was a focus of tiers within a tier; businesses components were starting to store logical procedures within a database tier.(Telerik, 2009) Internet caused a revolution of dizziness in tiers to increase, which then developed into a newer tier foundation known as the n-tier. Since the later part of the last decade, the n-tier usage is at this stage an accomplishment for most of today’s application.
Data Access Layers (DAL) is the taking of the data access code away from the object modeling which permits the object model activities to progress and develop accordingly to...

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