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March 7, 2014 Concert Review/Evaluation

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To begin with, I would like to express some thoughts on our band’s (concert band) performance. Personally, I felt far more relaxed during this concert, partially because of the fact that there were less people in the audience and also because it was my second concert. Overall, I felt I had good performance, and that it was a lot easier to play this concert, as I was not as nervous as before. I felt that i played reasonably well during the duration of our concert, and I would probably give myself a grade of an B+/A- because, I felt that at times I was not listening to the rest of the band, and I was too worried about my own part. Also, I needed to have clearer articulation, and better dynamics in a few key places in our music.
Moving on, I will talk about our ensemble’s most outstanding elements. As a whole, I thought our appearance was great, and that our band played reasonably well throughout the concert. I would say that our last two pieces were our best ones. I felt that compared to last concert, we had improved our quality of sound and our musicality.We had better dynamics, and we sounded more together. The least effective elements of our ensemble as whole, were probably the first two songs.Our biggest issues throughout our concert were that at times, we were too quiet, and also that when we had to jump up to play a higher note, we fell flat. Additionally, I felt that our musicality was not as apparent in the first two songs as it was in the last two. Our dynamics and articulation seemed a bit lacking, and certain instruments were overpowering others. Overall, our ensemble seemed to have improved greatly since our last concert.
Furthermore, we played our four pieces well, but there is still things we could improve. Our first song, Metrix, had a light, and lively tune. However, we lacked articulation in this piece. We often mushed notes together and the end of our phrases seemed “jagged” as we were not connecting the notes. Also, the trumpets sounded a bit flat, and they also sounded like they were not playing together. As a whole, our whole band sounded a lot more quiet than we did during the rehearsal. Lastly, we needed to express our dynamics more. Our tone had a good quality throughout the entire piece. Our next song, The Water is Wide is a slow wong, that needs to be played with a lot of expression. I thought we played with good dynamics, and a nice tone. However, a couple of problems, were that we did not make the note “grow” and that our notes were not connected. The whole notes needed to be sustained better, and at times the flutes overpowered the rest of the band. (probably because they were right in front of the mic) We played our third song, Cold Mountain Saga, the best. Our musicality was portrayed well, we had a good tone, and played in tempo for most of the song. The bass needed to play more confidently, as they needed to sustain their notes better. The trumpets were not playing together, and the cymbals were a bit...

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