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March Break Essay

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School is usually a huge part of every child’s daily agenda. Teenagers in high school basically dedicate their entire day to school and homework. Students in grade 8 are similarly going through the same process as high school students. As students work 2 months after the Winter Break, some of them tend to start reducing their quality in their work. When we’re tired of doing school work for two straight months, why should we only receive a short March Break? Can’t the March Break just be one week longer, the same as the Winter Break? Students shouldn’t be limited to the amount of activities they can do during the March Break. Since the March Break is the last Break of the year, students clearly deserve two weeks of March Break rather than one. Furthermore, students should have the need to relax before the next three more months of school.
Most of my classmates and I have anticipated of the March Break being two weeks, like the Winter Break. A lot of students were complaining about the short March Break, Shlok and Kabishan were some of these students. Students were expecting the March Break to have the same time durations as the Winter Break, not just because they both are called breaks, it’s because students need this time to relax. The classmates that I’ve encountered have hoped the March Break to be two weeks. This is mostly because of the influence that the Winter Break has given the students. After having the relaxing Winter Break, students don’t even consider the March Break as break. They change how the March Break is looked as a break compared to the Winter Break, so it would be like from an enjoyable March Break to just couple of days off school. If teachers are willing to give up a week for March Break they might as well just give up another week. Having students looking forward to school after the Winter Break wouldn’t be the same as if students were after the March Break. Students tend to get a little bored in two weeks of a Break, and this gives them the impression of looking forward to school after the break. But a break with one week of time wouldn’t give the same conclusive emotion built towards school like the two weeks of break. The existence of Winter Break changes the thought about March Break, many students expect more from the March Break because of the Winter Break, students even start to misunderstand the possible enjoyment in March Break due to the lengthy enjoyment during the Winter Break, and this also changes the impressions of the first days after the breaks. The both breaks included in the school year will always create opinions and feelings about one another, and this is all compared by the one week difference time period between the two breaks.
After the March Break we have three months of pure work, and the work load also increases throughout the end of the year. The March Break is the last break we get for the rest of the year, and a week of March Break won’t relax the students for three months of intense school....

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