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March Madness Essay

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Every March college basketball fans and million alike anxiously await the start of the NCAA tournament. For a three week period from the middle of March to the beginning of April the entire country is engulfed in college basketball’s premier event. The tournament consists of 68 of the best teams in the game all competing for one title, NCAA National Champions. Colleges and Universities all across the country compete bringing students, alumni, and fans alike all carefully watching, waiting for that one bracket breaking upset or spectacular buzzer beater. It is truly the one sporting event that draws the attention of the entire nation. Although many people may argue that the NCAA tournament and March Madness is just another sporting event, it is a widely popular competition that is viewed by millions of fans and even non-sport viewers year after year.
One aspect that draws millions of people’s attention to the NCAA tournament each year is trying to predict the outcome of the event through the making of a bracket. Groups of people all over the country create pools and bet on who has filled out the most accurate bracket. Whether it is a pool at work, a high school basketball team, or just a group of friends everyone gets involved and competes to have the best bracket. This creates a fun and attractive experience that people want to get involved with, drawing viewers from all over the country. Also, fans are not only restricted to one bracket each year. They can fill out as many brackets and join as many pools or competitions as possible. They could have one for a pool at work, another with friends at school, and a third with their family for bragging rights only. The fun doesn’t end there though. Fans can also join bracket competitions for free through websites like ESPN and CBS sports. These competitions are massive and usually reward the winner with some kind of prize. Last year, Craig Glimore, a normal American sports fan filled out a bracket on Little did he know, he had filled out the highest scoring bracket out of the 8.3 million contestants entered. He was rewarded with a $10,000 gift card to Best Buy all for filling out one free bracket online. It is for reasons like these that the filling out of brackets draws millions of viewers to the tournament each year. Whether for entering a pool at work, a purely fun competition at home, or competing against millions for the chance at that one grand prize, millions are drawn to the event each year. Along with brackets, the chance of major upsets grabs the attentions of fans each March.
Upsets are an inevitable happening in the NCAA tournament that draws even more attention to the competition. Every year a top seeded team goes down early and completely unexpected. It is especially exciting when fans of smaller or lower ranked schools get to see these upsets. The school’s students and fans are usually already overly excited that their team gets to play in the tournament. Although they may...

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