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March On Washington And Selma Compare And Contrasts

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The 20th Century had many important events during those 100 years. Great progress was made during that time for the Civil Rights of all Americans. The two marches demonstrations involving large groups of people: a March on Washington D.C. and a March from Selma to Montgomery Alabama to gain color equality in the south. There are differences and similarities to consider. In many ways, the March on Washington was one of the most important parts of the civil rights movement. The focus of this march was to gain equality for Blacks in the South. Over 200,000 Blacks and Whites showed up to support those efforts. The Selma to Montgomery March is famous for effecting change in the rights of colored voters.
The March on Washington and Selma to Montgomery March is similar for several good reasons. Both the Washington march and the Selma march were trying to end segregation in the South before it got any worse. Martin Luther King Jr. was a big part of both marches. Both marches played an important part of the civil rights movement in the late 50s and the early 60s. The March on Washington was the biggest march in the civil rights movement in the 1960s and it was bigger than the Selma to Montgomery march.
The March on Washington was an important part of the civil rights movement in other ways less obvious. The March on Washington demanded equality in the South and to remove the Jim Crow law that was put in the South to keep colors separate from whites and make it separate but equal. The march was the biggest peaceful success in the civil rights movement: 200,000 black and white Americans showed up to take part. One of the most memorable speeches was Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech which was the last speech of the day and it was very inspiring. The March on Washington was different than the Selma to Montgomery March occurring two years later.
The Selma to Montgomery March played another important part of the civil rights movement in 1965. The March was intended to get equal voting rights to every person of color in the state of Alabama so they can get the same treatment as whites. The March was attempted twice, but interrupted by police with gunfire and the death of a lot of innocent people. On the third attempt, the police did not arrive and they actually made it to Montgomery in a 4 four to five day march. On Sunday, March 7, 1964 the first march the first and only time when the police opened fire and killed so many people that it was called Bloody Sunday. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at this event as well.
Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) played a major part in both the Washington March and the Selma to Montgomery March. MLK was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He is the youngest person who has ever and won a Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35. MLK led the Selma to Montgomery March. MLK was better known for his “I have a Dream” speech that he said at the March on...

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