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Marching In The Inaugural Parade For Barack Obama

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Music is the expression of passion, emotion and opinion through the harmony of melody and song. As I reflect on my educational and social journey, I begin to understand how my experiences are like a musical masterpiece, composed of intricate and dynamic passages and movements. I was first introduced to music in the fourth grade and as I matriculated my passion for music grew quite strong. In middle school and high school, I participated in various musical ensembles on colleges campuses and competed as both a soloist and in a quartet. The most gratifying musical experiences during my musical career occurred approximately four years apart from each other. The first was when I marched with the Tournament of Roses Honor Band in the 2005 Rose Parade, a historical event that celebrates the innovation of music, family and community. The following experience was on January 19th, 2009 when I marched with the Hampton University Marching Force in the Inaugural Parade for Barack Obama. My experiences with music helped me develop a sense of commitment, resilience, respect, versatility and pride as an individual and a future lawyer. These qualities are key in my plans of obtaining a J.D. degree. I’m determined to use my mastery of the law as a stepping stone for a career in critical race law. As a vehicle for change, I will use my knowledge to influence the legal system to adopt a more culturally innovative and diverse framework.
Living in an isolated, affluent community, it became apparent that those who haven’t been exposed to different cultures lack the cultural comprehension to facilitate a culturally and socially cohesive community. As one of few Black families in La Canada, my twin brother and I were well aware on the role diversity played in our society. Despite the commonality of the issue, my brother and I had very different methods of coping with adversity and it is because of our juxtaposition that I decided to focus on diversity in both a literal and figurative interpretation. My participation in various sports, music and academic organizations developed my interests in social interactions and diversities of thought. These different organizations challenged me to share my unique perspective about culture and race relations with my fellow classmates which motivated me to seek higher levels of accomplishment.
It was my enrollment in an African American literature course at Pasadena City College that matured my interests in race and culture. The ability to study various African American authors was empowering and changed my perception of Black writing. The concept of writing had transcended from a method of...

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