Marcus Brutus: The Tragic Hero Of Julius Ceasar

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“A man cannot become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.”(Aristotle). It should be noted that the Heroes downfall is his own fault as a result of his own free will, At times his death is seen as a waste of human potential. His death usually is not a pure loss, because it results in greater knowledge and awareness. In Julius Ceasar, William Shakespeare develops Marcus Brutus as the Tragic Hero whose ambition and naivety in his blind confidence in the nobility of man sparked guidance in a series of events which inevitably forced him to succumb to self destruction.
First and foremost Brutus is the Tragic Hero of the play as has been said. Now with the
title of Tragic hero comes a weakness, a tragic flaw in the characters personality. One of these tragic flaws includes Brutus’ ambition. Like for instance, when he joined the conspirators he
immediately took over. When they were considering asking Cicero to be one of the conspirators Brutus would not have it even though he was the only one who objected. “O, name him not! Let us not breake with him, for he will never follow anything that other men begin.”(Brutus
Act2.SC.1). In addition to this Brutus shows his ambition when news of Octavious and Mark. Brutus immediately wants to go to Philippi to meet their army there. Yet Cassius provides words of wisdom telling him, “Tis better that the enemy seek us; so shall he waste his means, and weary his soldiers… /whilst we, lying still are now full of rest, defense, and nimbleness.” (Cassius 4.3 229-232). Brutus chooses to ignore this and urges once again to march to Phillipi, Cassius gives in and they both decide to go. Brutus’ ambition will lead to his downfall for as we know his ambition will lead him to his death, for the march to Phillipi is a one way trip. My Final point in showing the ambition that Brutus has is when Brutus gave the word for battle to early at Phillipi. “O Cassius, Brutus gave the word to early, who, having some advantage on /Octavious, took it to eagerly… by Antony are all enclosed.”(Titinius 5.3. 5-8) Brutus rash decisions triggered the effects to come that would lead to his death, all of this due to his ambition which is his tragic flaw as the tragic hero of this play.

Now secondly Brutus has another tragic flaw that being is his naivety.. Brutus has overbearing trust in the general Virtues of man. Brutus believed all that people told him and felt that no one would lie or deceive him. Just because he did not betray anyone, he presumed that others would not. He is too trustful and does not realize what people are capable of. Like for example Brutus Instinctively trusted Cassius (who carefully manipulates him) when he came to him speaking of how Ceasar must be dealt with for he would be a bad ruler to the people of Rome. As I recall Brutus is Caesars best friend so he should know Caesar the best out of anyone so, shouldn’t he question such an acquisition? In Act 1 scene 2 Cassius tries to sway Brutus into the...

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