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Marcus Luttrell Essay

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Marcus Luttrell is the hero that brought hope back to all SEAL/S members. He was awarded the Navy Cross for combat heroism in 2006 by President Bush. While fighting for our country, his whole SEAL/S team was killed right before his eyes. Missing in action for five days, he was badly hurt and was cared for by the Pashtuns. Marcus displays a variety of the IB Learner Profile such as; caring, knowledgeable, and principled.
Being a caring person is one of the many traits that SEAL/S members must possess. Since the very first days Marcus displayed an attitude of caring for others. When his team was fighting to stay alive, his first thoughts were about how his team mates were doing. He did not care much about himself; instead all of his focus was on them. Danny Dietz, a friend of Marcus for four years, died right there in his arms, but he made sure that Danny was not alone and was with God, ““I left him with God”” (266). Although Marcus could have been killed instantly right then he still made certain Danny was at ease, as he was slowly passing away. After this long journey was over with, Marcus traveled to all of his buddies’ hometowns, where he spent time with all of their families. Sincere as one could be, he explained to them that their loved one had been the bravest man Marcus had ever saw. Marcus wanted every relative, of every fallen hero, to understand what their SEAL/S had done and that it, “…will forever treasured” (432). Caring about other people came truly from Marcus’s heart. He did not want anyone hurting. This IB Learner Profile shines through him.
Knowledge may perhaps have lead Marcus to the care of the Pashtuns. During the hard months he had to go through training, he became knowledgeable on just about everything he could. SEAL/S in training learned numerous new skills and no SEAL/S can be anything without, “…a high level of expertise in unarmed combat” (64). But, Marcus became very knowledgeable in the subject. He had shown his wisdom since the very...

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