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The world has a plethora of information directed to people who want to know how to accomplish whatever they desire to accomplish. Libraries are filled with traditional books, audio books and even e-books while the worldwide web is loaded with site after site on a wide range of How to’s, such as how to manage your time, how to have a better marriage, how to find more time, and the list goes on and on. Margin by Richard Swenson is no different from other how to’s dealing with time management, however his book is different as it brings a since of not only empathy but also of sympathy to this how to manual because he to was once marginless. He states “ I know of the extent and seriousness of this condition from three sources. First, I have observed it in the lives of patients. Second, I saw its effects in the lives of the interns and residents I taught for fifteen years. Third, I know of the weight of marginless living because for a long time it sat on my chest.”
Marginless is the chaos that grips us and sends us in a tail spin of failures. It is a time bubble that is ever shrinking which seeks to consume us no matter who we are or who we think we are. Swenson states that Marginless is the disease of

the new millennium; and as it is with so many diseases the cure often lies within the disease itself thus margin according to Swenson is the cure.
Swenson address the emotional restoration, physical, finical and time reserves of overloaded lives in three main points. The Problem Pain, The Prescription Margin and The Prognosis Health.

The Problem Pain

The advent of technology has greatly increased our productive lifestyles and one would be hard pressed to find one who has not been influenced by the ever changing face of technology which allows us to do so much more. Instead of work and home being two separate places we begin to bring work home thus the desire to be successful cause technology to evict home and thus allowing work to dominate another facet of our often time pressed lives. The progress we make leads to more problems then we had before which in turn leads to greater levels of stress and overload.
One of the biggest pains we face is stress, however stress in itself is not all bad for us in fact stress can be good for us. Swenson states many of us without knowing it use stress to our advantage called eustress which athletes call psyching up or getting hyped before a game. When stress response become negative it is called distress, and when stress reaches excessive volume it is called hyperstress. This type of stress can lead to hypertension which...

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