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Margin Call depicts a realistic take on what happens inside a Wall Street firm. It is about a company that is downsizing their workers because of a firm’s crisis. One of the victims, Eric Dale, was working on a major analysis when he was laid off. He hands his coworker Peter Sullivan his USB, which contains the major analysis. Peter stays late and cracks the issues and calls his coworkers and bosses in about the financial disaster he had discovered. He had discovered that the company is about the crash. He tries to get ahold of Eric, no luck. He then calls his coworkers Seth Bregman and Will Emerson, who are at a bar and tells them that they need to come back to the office for an emergency situation. After showing the situation to Will, John Tuld, the Chief Executive Officer, quickly hears about it. They all have a conference meeting and decide that the company will sell all of the mortgages, which have little to no value. Once the sale is completed, the company tries to save their reputation by saying that this issue was nonpreventable.
Eric Dale was the former Head of Risk Management. Although he was in the movie the least, he is the most important character. In one of the first scences of the movie, Lauren Bratberg laid him off, disconnected his cell phone, packed up his belongings and had him escorted out of the firms building by security. Before he goes down the elevator to go home, Peter and Seth approach him and thank him for his work at the firm. Eric hands Peter a USB before the elevator door closes and says, “be careful.” Those two words are the makeup of the whole movie. Peter finds out that Eric had been working on different charts and data, which showed that the firms was about to crash and they needed to fix things quick. Throughout the beginning of the movie, all the workers are trying to get a hold of Eric. They want him to go over his discovery to make sure that everything is indeed true, but he wont answer. Will finally gets ahold of him and goes to his townhouse. When he arrives he tells Eric that they finished his charts and what horrible results they found. Will offers him money if he comes into the firm to talk about this issue, but Eric says it isn’t his problem anymore because he was laid off and he has enough money. You can tell he really values his job. If I was put in his situation, I might be bitter and want the firm to crash down. I wouldn’t have given Peter the USB because I would have wanted to see my firm crash down without me, but he really cared about his coworkers and spoke up. He seems tired and over the firm, but he is still respectful about it. In the end of the movie I feel like they took advantage of him by forcing him to come back to the firm or else they would “drag him through hell” with his benefits.
Peter Sullivan is twenty-seven and has spent two and a half years working with Eric Dale and now works as a Senior Risk Analyst. Peter was the character who was given the USB. He was...

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