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The representation of the concepts of assimilation and marginality is the White Anglo Saxon Protestant in the middle; whereas, the minorities are on the inside of the paper, and the exterior of the paper represents the power and influence of the different ethnic groups. Minorities were based on their sexual orientation, race, religion, and class. Several, mainly minorities have suffered some marginality and or achieved some assimilation. This includes the following major works “My Papa’s Waltz”, “Aunt Ida Pieces a Quilt”, “The Lesson”, “From Fly Girls”, “The End of Men”, and a visual aid, Freedom from Want.
In the poem “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, the speaker reflects on his childhood experience with his father. The speaker enjoys spending time with his father. When his father was home from work the boy and his father would waltz; however, the father would reek of whiskey. As the speaker and his father continue to dance the speaker notices bruises on his father’s knuckles. In the meantime, it was getting late and the author’s father reminded him it was time bed by placing his hand on head. The speaker stated “with a palm caked hard by dirt” (line 14) which suggests the father works hard and as a result, his hands are rough and dirty. Finally, the father is taking the author to his room, but the author still clings to his father. In any case, the father would come home with the smell of whiskey and his hands were bruised. For this reason, I believe this poem is example of a minority suffering some marginality.
Furthermore, the poem “Aunt Ida Pieces a Quilt” by Melvin Dixon, is about AIDS, love, and family life. The speaker illustrates Aunt Ida as the main character. In this poem, Aunt Ida niece is Francine. In addition to, Junie, Francine son has died from...

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