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Marginalization Essay

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Erin WilliamsMarginalization Argumentative Research Essay Marginalization of HomosexualsMarginalization of specific groups has been a problem in America for over 60 years. Gays and lesbians have been unfairly and unconstitutionally marginalized. The federal government and American society has put this group of people in a box, placing heavy constraints and restrictions on them. States have gone as far as placing bans on same sex marriage and police officers treat them as criminals all because of their sexual preference.One of the most obvious ways homosexuals are marginalized is through marriage. They are deprived of the right to marry in many states and many are still against it. According to, "Unfortunately, many citizens that enjoy all of the rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution, also forget about gay rights when they try to preserve the "sanctity of marriage" by denying same sex relationships recognition at all." Homosexuals are not only stripped of the right to marry, but they receive no recognition whatsoever. The U.S. Constitution grants every American citizen many freedoms, liberties, and justices. It does not specify male or female, ethnicity or sexual orientation. When our forefathers fought for these freedoms they were not concerned about one's sexual preference. According to the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th amendment 'unnecessary discrimination against people belonging to various groups' is unconstitutional. They should also include that interfering with someone's pursuit of happiness is unconstitutional. People have even gone as far as leaving their jobs because banning gay marriage was deemed unconstitutional. According to, "Sixteen North Carolina judges have either resigned or retired after gay marriage became legal..." It is so easy to reject something when one cannot relate and Rob Portman is a prime example of that. According to Sarah Lynch and Kim Palmer of, Rob Portman became the most notable Republican senator to support gay rights by reversing his opposition to same sex marriage in 2013. That was just two years after his son told him he was gay. This proposes a double standard. Senator Portman was against gay marriages until he learned that his own child is homosexual. Did his sons's lifestyle change the way he looks at him or his love for him? I guess not or else Portman would not have changed his stance on gay rights and marriage. I am sure that if one of the sixteen North Carolina judges were to discover that his or her child was gay, him/her would take the same stance Portman took.Police officers have even resorted to criminal sanctions against same sex practices. According to Kyle Morgan from, " 1953, a time when purposefully vague statutes on morals, lewd conduct, or disorderly conduct in many states allowed the police to target and arrest gay and lesbian people for such transgressions as wearing items of clothing of the opposite sex,...

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